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Beginners On A Treadmill

Treadmill Running
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By Simon Gould

Treadmills are ideal for beginners because you can walk, jog and run on them. Whatever stage of fitness you are at even if you haven't exercised before, everyone can get on a treadmill and walk. You then have the capacity to take your exercising to the next level by running which will improve your health even more and make you look and feel good.

Treadmill Running

Compared to other fitness equipment a treadmill burns the most calories and is the most versatile when it comes to the amount of exercises you can do. When you take into account the incline you can get a great workout. Once you've mastered one part of the treadmill there are plenty of ways to extend your fitness routine by going further or faster.

Treadmill Running

We have tried to answer all questions a beginner may have. From a console that confuses you to anxiety about getting on a treadmill in the first place. All this is to get you going and using what can be a very powerful piece of equipment to improve your health and well being. It just takes commitment in time and you could be getting the health benefits that people boast about.

Treadmill Running

When you buy a new treadmill there are many features it can be overwhelming. We tell which features are good like the workout programs and how to get the most from them. We also tell you how to stay safe on a treadmill because there are many injuries that can occur from a not using it properly and safely.

Treadmill Running

We're still in the beginners theme and we've had plenty of good articles if you're new to the treadmill and we've got more. We'll be looking at walking and jogging backwards which is what some people do and exercise different muscles. Plus we'll look at etiquette of using a treadmill in the gym, who should go where and more.

Meet The Author

I'm Simon Gould. I've been around treadmills my whole life. From running on them at an early age to working in treadmill dept's of national stores. I've run outside and I've run on treadmills and I prefer running on treadmills. I still run on one nearly every day and love it.

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