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How Do I Get My Home Treadmill Repaired?

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By Simon Gould

You pay a lot of money for a treadmill and hopefully it get's lots of use. However much you pay it can break down and for many reasons. There are lots of things that can go wrong. With a motor and an electrical console there can be any number of issues and it helps if you can try and figure out what's wrong before you call for an engineer.

Make sure you maintain the treadmill

If you properly maintain the treadmill this will make sure you get to know it and it's parts. There are things you can do to help look after it after every use, weekly, monthly and more. Here is an easy home treadmill maintenance guide. As part of this is removing the motor cover and vacuuming in and around the motor. All this helps you have intimate knowledge of your treadmill.

Before you call anyone round to fix it you may want to a factory restart on it, perhaps the console has gone blank or you may have had an electrical surge. Here's how to reset a treadmill and there are all the most popular manufacturers listed. If you're unsure the first thing to do is unplug the treadmill for your safety.

Treadmill Running

See if the treadmill is under it's warranty

Unfortunately if it's second hand the manufacturer's warranty is non transferable. If you have an extended warranty and you've paid a small charge to have the owner transferred then you're in luck. If you're the first owner and you're within the warranty period then you should be ok. Before dialling the number of the manufacturer there are a few more things you can do.

Check with the manual and look online to see if there are any troubleshooting guides you can follow. This saves having to wait for an engineer for now. If you've exhausted everything above and you're within a warranty then call for an engineer and you'll be able to organize a time and day for them to come. They might ask you what the issue is and you can tell them what you've done to sort it yourself.

Repairing outside of a warranty period

Here is where a repair can cost you and that's why regular maintenance is such a good thing to do. If you have any knowledge of your equipment and you know exactly what's wrong you could always buy the part and repair it yourself. There are guides all over the web for how fit parts to treadmills. There is a fantastic site that can give you repair help to try and diagnose the problem.

As far as looking for a site that offers repair around the country you may have to use Sears Home Services as they are the only ones who seem to offer a national service. They have a specialist treadmill repairing department but they may be a bit costly but at least it would be repaired and you have a big company you're dealing with.

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You may be better off getting a local company to do your repair as no doubt they would be cheaper. Ask people you know if they know of any treadmill repair people and you may have someone recommended to you. Getting a treadmill repaired is inconvenient especially if you're a common user. But it's worth doing as a treadmill can last up to 12 years and more if it's properly looked after.

Over the age of your treadmill it may need repairs every so often. Unfortunately there's no such thing as fitness equipment that doesn't need some sort of maintenance or repair. Some sales people say ellipticals don't have things that can go wrong or need maintaining but this isn't true. All equipment can break down and a lot of use on a treadmill and the motor will need replacing in time. So enjoy it while it's working well.

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Meet The Author

I'm Simon Gould. I've been around treadmills my whole life. From running on them at an early age to working in treadmill dept's of national stores. I've run outside and I've run on treadmills and I prefer running on treadmills. I still run on one nearly every day and love it.

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