7 Reasons Why You Should Exercise On A Treadmill

Treadmill Running

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By Simon Gould

Treadmills are the choice of 50 million Americans per year. For all the things that get in the way outside or the many advantages inside. Treadmill running is not going to go away soon. For it's convenience treadmill running is a preference to the exercise beginner. Here we look at why you should exercise on a treadmill.

1 - Good for beginners

Beginners will often choose to run on the treadmill over outside because it's easier. If you want to stop somewhere in the middle of your run, you're not miles away from home or where you started. Maybe you can't run any further or you were just experimenting. Your starting position is right where you are to begin with.

2 - Water is right there

There's no need for one of those fancy bags that go on your back and have a straw leading to your mouth for hydration. You don't need to carry a water bottle with you and have one side of your body heavier than the other as you run. You just place your water bottle in the space created on the treadmill by the console.

3 - No traffic or bad weather

There's nothing worse than stopping and starting outside when you need to cross the street. You get used to it but you'd rather not do it in the first place. You also don't want to be run over. The weather is always good on a treadmill. There's no ice and cold where you wear too much for your run and regret it. You know the temperature where your treadmill is and can deal with it.

4 - Music and TV

If you're running outside all by yourself in a park it can get boring. You might have some good music but that's it. Inside you can watch your favorite TV shows. There's nothing that takes your mind off the run you're doing than an engrossing TV show you enjoy. You can look forward to setting it up all for your run.

5 - Softer surface and longer lasting shoes

While the treadmill is still high impact it's a softer surface than outside so your joints are protected to some extent. It's easier to run on as you bounce those miles away. You find your running shoes last longer if you do your runs on a treadmill. That's often one of the biggest expenses to running and you save money by exercising on a treadmill.

6 - You can run with people slower or quicker than you

Maybe you have an experienced runner as a friend you want to run with. On a treadmill he/she doesn't have to keep slowing down and waiting for you to catch up. You can run at your own pace and still have a conversation as you go. In a health club or gym with many treadmills you can have a whole group of you running at your own pace.

7 - You can use the incline

Maybe the way you exercise at the moment is power walking and there's no better place to do that than on a treadmill. Where it really excels is the incline. You can really work those glutes on your backside by climbing up an incline. With a treadmill you can specify how big the incline is and how long it lasts. No where in nature can you do that.

Those are just a few quick reasons why you should exercise on a treadmill. Ignore the people who say you should run outside, if you prefer the treadmill like we do then just do it. There is a kind of looking down on treadmill runners by those who run outside. We're trying to change the perception and with your help we can succeed. So keep enjoying your treadmill run like we do.

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