Are Treadmill Speeds Universal?

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By Simon Gould

Treadmills come in 2 speeds. Those being mph (miles per hour) and kph (kilometers per hour). These speeds are different because the length of the distance between miles and kilomteres is different. When you buy a treadmill it's usually preset for the country it's being sold in. For the US it will be mph and other metric countries it will be kph. You can usually select which one you prefer using the selection in the console menu.

Differences between the speeds

I'll give you a little table displaying the differences between the speeds. As you can see, because the distance is shorter, kilometers per hour is a higher number than miles per hour and yet is the same intensity. It won't be any harder to cover the distance as long as other intensity effects on the treadmill are the same, such as incline.


New treadmills are calibrated

New treadmills have their speeds calibrated at manufacture. They do this using the belt and measuring the distance covered divided by a certain time. This gives the speed. Sometimes as treadmills age or are not as good quality. Then the speed may be slightly off especially when you start covering long distances.

This is not something for 95% of treadmill users to worry about. Elite runners may need to worry that their treadmill levels are not accurate. Professional runners will run on treadmills using speed workouts. Such as fartlek or interval workouts which help increase your normal running speed. These are perfect for the treadmill and, while speed accuracy is important, they train using the feeling of intensity more so.


As I've said before, nearly all treadmill users do not need to concern themselves about the treadmill speeds accuracy. All treadmills can show your speed and if they only show mph or kph and then simply do a conversion to see what the speed you'd like to go at using google or a speed conversion site.

If you're a beginner or just trying to lose weight don't worry about the speed you're going. To benefit you most run slow and long for the best results as long as your doctor allows. Speed is universal but not something to be concerned with, don't compare yourself to other people, just try and beat yourself week after week if that's what you want.

If you're training for a race or you're at that stage where you want to run faster, then I will say the same. Don't worry about the accuracy of speed specifically, just that you're getting faster in your normal runs. This should be the aim. In summary, treadmill speeds are universal but they're not that important for most runners unless you want to win your next race.

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