Avoid Treadmill Danger Around Children

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By Simon Gould

Treadmills are great to have in the home. You get a good workout without ever having to leave. The thing is treadmills are dangerous machines. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says there are, on average, 20,000 injuries and 3 fatalities from using a treadmill every year. You need to be especially careful with these machines around children.

Stay safe with a treadmill

It's best for safety to have the treadmill and other fitness equipment in their own room in the house. You don't need it somewhere where people are often entering the room or going past. This makes it unsafe for adults as well as children. The moving belt is powerful and can easily knock you off balance.

The biggest danger is children around when the belt is moving. The belt can be quite fast and it's enough to propel someone across a room with it's power. This could happen to a child easily or they could get their fingers caught in any gaps where the belt meets the deck. Burns can also happen from the friction of the belt when someone steps on it not realizing it's moving.

You need to be very careful because you mustn't leave the belt moving when you're not on the machine. Always use the safety key so that when you step away from the treadmill for any reason the belt stops. This means that it stops even if you forget to press stop when stepping away from the machine.

Put your fitness equipment in it's own room

This is why I recommend you have your fitness equipment in a totally separate room. There is no danger of someone accidentally falling onto or the user falling because of someone else. When the treadmill is not in use then turn it off and unplug it. This way inquisitive children won't mistakenly turn it on and injure themselves.

In a separate room, children are unlikely to need to enter and you can get on with your workout without having to worry. Treadmill manuals often recommend that children under the age of 12 should not use their products. This is obviously up to the parents but the manufacturers are excusing themselves of any responsibility when it comes to young users.

Children and exercise

Children usually get more than enough exercise during the day. There should be no need for them to start using a treadmill other than curiosity. They run all during the day and their energy means they can run during the night as well. Unless you have an overweight child then they don't need to be near a treadmill.

If you think you'd like to have your child using a treadmill use your common sense, are they going to take this piece of equipment seriously. Are they old enough to know the dangers and to train within their limits, the machine is not a bit of fun, it's enjoyable to use but it's not a joke. When a child realizes this then they're old enough.


So there you have it treadmills can be dangerous, this is something you already knew but just getting some good practises to think about when making rules with children around the home is a good thing. A treadmill is something for serious users so you and your family don't can enjoy getting fit and healthy without becoming another statistic which is an injury from a treadmill in the home.

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