Can You Lose Belly Fat By Running On A Treadmill?

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By Simon Gould

When we see our own belly fat that is often the first sign that we want to lose it and the weight behind it. Once you start to have belly fat you are probably already quite over weight and should have started trying to lose weight before. But it is never too late to get fit and healthy and lose weight through exercise.

How to lose belly fat

All fat in the body is able to be burned in the same way. By creating a calorie deficit the body turns to fat to make fuel for what you're doing. If what you're doing is exercising then you burn more fat because the body needs more fuel. The body burns on average 2,000 calories per day for women and 2,500 for men.

By creating a daily deficit so you burn more calories than you take in the body will burn it's fat reserves. This may mean that you sometimes feel hungry but that is the point, you're consuming less calories than you need and probably less calories than you're used to. By burning 3,500 calories which may take time you will burn 1 pound of fat.

What if you have a lot of belly fat

If you are quite overweight to begin with then walking on a treadmill may be preferable to running. Running when you're overweight can lead to knee and other joint problems. You're having to put a lot of stress on them by the heavy landing. In this case you're better off walking. You can still burn many calories by walking on a treadmill.

We have created some treadmill routines for over weight walkers so you can lose weight by walking alone. Some of these involve the incline and this is what burns more calories because walking up hill is harder. This is what makes the treadmill very useful for the overweight or those with belly fat they want to lose. Here are the walking routines:

Continue your weight loss by starting to run

When you've lost some of your belly fat and you've got used to walking at pace and on an incline you may want to start running. This is the next step and brings weight loss quicker than walking because you burn more calories in a quicker period of time. Only try this when you've lost some weight and your joints can handle running.

We have some running plans for losing weight on a treadmill and we'll list those below. Before that though do consider a walk/run method of training. This involves walking for a minute and then running for a minute. Over time you increase the period you run for and after 9 weeks you should be able to run for 30 minutes. This is the start of a better more health way of life. Here is the routine called couch to 5k.


Belly fat may seem stubborn to shift but undertake an exercise routine and watch what you eat and you should be able to make it shrink pretty quickly. Losing weight if you weigh a lot to begin with goes quite quickly, it's when you've got the last few pounds to shred that it becomes harder. As long as you're introducing regular exercise into your life you will see important health benefits.

I have experience of losing weight quickly when you begin an exercise routine. You can see my progress and it shows that weight loss is quick at first but takes hard work when you start reaching your ideal weight. I lost 20 pounds and now the last few I need to lose are taking time to go no matter how hard my exercise routine is. But it's all worth it as I enjoy the exercise and you will too in time.

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