Do Treadmills Exercise The Abdominals?

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By Simon Gould

The abdominals look great when you see them on a toned and strong man. They have that six pack look that gives a bumpy stomach and is a look that's admired everywhere. It's also a look that takes a lot of work. Treadmills help but how do you get that look that people want? Specifically the six pack abs.

Treadmills do work the core

Running on a treadmill helps work the core in so far as you need good abdominals to stabilize you as you run or walk. You just won't get the six pack you're looking for from treadmill work alone. What the treadmill can do is help you lose the belly fat around the abdominals. This is a vital step to getting those good abs.

You could have the strongest abs ever, you could have a set of fantastic six packs abs. But if you are overweight or fat then no one is going to see them and this is where the treadmill comes in. A treadmill will help you reduce your BMI and help reveal those great abs you have. So what you need from a treadmill is weight loss.

Treadmill workouts that will reveal those abs

So it's weight loss you need to reveal those abs and I'm afraid that takes work. Losing weight on a treadmill usually means long and slow running to burn those calories. Also you can lose some calories by dieting slightly, you still need a good amount of food if you regularly exercise. Below we have some running routines that will drop inches from your waist and slowly show those abs.

Six pack abdominal workouts

Do ab crunches every other day to strengthen your abs and help lead to a great stomach. Do ab twists to work the obliques. To train the abs fully we need advice from body builders. There is this page on which perfectly goes through every exercise to get the abs you want. Use that page to strengthen your abs and our running routines to help reveal them in all their glory.


If you've seen marathon runners they always seem to have good abs. Now we're not saying you should run a marathon but the principle is there. If you lose enough weight whether that's by exercising, your diet or a combination of them both, your abs will start to show more and more. Soon you'll start to be the envy of the beach.

These exercises and routines will work for men and women. Apart from muscle growing bigger on men we're pretty much all the same. As we've said it will take a lot of work but the work should become increasingly more enjoyable that's because it's exercise. You'll enjoy getting there as much as the final result. The result being abs to die for :).

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