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How Do I Burn 400 Calories A Day On A Treadmill?

Treadmill Running
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By Simon Gould

A treadmill is the best piece of fitness equipment to choose to lose calories and weight. You lose more per time on a treadmill than any other fitness activity. What's more it's convenient to use and cheap. Apart from the treadmill itself and maybe some running shoes you need not by anything else for superior weight loss.

Weight loss is the aim of nearly everyone who starts using the treadmill. Or at least getting a better body shape and it works for that. If you feel more comfortable waling then the treadmill is still good for that and will still burn a lot of calories. Whether you own one in the home or go to a gym to use one they have many advantages than running outside.

Burning 400 calories

The average man and woman will burn a little over 100 calories per 10 minutes of jogging. Where we say jogging we mean around 5 mph which is equal to 8 kph. So to burn 400 calories a day you could theoretically run 40 minutes per day. That sounds quite easy. We can all spare around 40 minutes to successfully burn calories.

If you've already been using a treadmill then you're at a big advantage to those who haven't when it comes to burning calories. A 40 minute jog isn't something you're going to be able to do straight away. It will take some training to work up to that amount. Here is a couch to 5k treadmill plan that will have you running 3.1 miles by the end of it. It's a 9 week commitment but at the end you will be improving your fitness and burning 400 calories per day.

Treadmill Running
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Before you get on the treadmill here is a site that will tell you exactly how many calories you burn depending on your speed, weight and distance. Scroll down for the answer. You can burn these calories by walking but it will take longer. If you do choose to walk it then up the incline to help make it harder and burn those calories quicker. That site can still be used for walking speeds.

Losing weight and inches

Although the question is how to lose 400 calories on a treadmill, it would be pointless doing that if you didn't have a weight loss strategy as well. What other reason do you have for wanting to burn 400 calories. Just burning 400 calories per day and eating the same amount of food to maintain your weight would mean you have a 400 calorie deficit. This, in time would help you lose weight.

To lose 1 pound of weight you have to burn 3,500 calories per week. That's 500 per day. So the 400 calories make a big step to your weight loss goal. All you would have to do is eat 100 less calories than you were before to start losing around a pound per week. Combined with the weight loss due to the calorie burning you will find inches will come off your waist and thighs.

Remember, every body type is different so for men if you have that stubborn belly that won't go, it may take a while to see it shift. Women if you have a naturally bigger butt, then that could be the last place that you see the inches shift. Embrace how you look and weigh yourself weekly at the same time of day. This way you'll see predictable results from your workout efforts.

Treadmill Running

Take it easy and take rest days

Burning calories is the easy part. The hard part is the patience. We can all burn 400 calories but sticking to that routine for weeks or months at a time to see results takes commitment. Run for 3 times a week or more and if you do more take 2 rest days a week. Losing weight doesn't happen overnight but it does happen and your calorie burning is what does it.

Even when you rest you're still burning calories at a higher rate than if you had not done the exercise. Athletes have rest days to help their legs heal from the work and this is the same for you. Even if you're walking, which still counts as moderate exercise, take rest days. Then enjoy people commenting on your weight loss because of your workouts on the treadmill.

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