How Long Does It Take To Walk 3 Miles On A Treadmill?

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By Simon Gould

Walking 3 miles on a treadmill would not be the choice of many for exercise but it will burn you calories and lose you weight. It will take a while to go 3 miles depending on how fast you walk. That's the advantage of doing it on a treadmill, you can easily track your distance, speed and time as it's shown in front of you on the console.

How long 3 miles will take

Here, the following table will tell you how long it will take. On the left is the speed in miles and hour an we have shown the speed between 2.5 and 4 mph, then we have minutes per mile and finally the 3 mile time. People tend to walk naturally at 3.1 mph so I've given speeds a bit slower and faster as well:

Miles per hour (mph)Minutes per mileTime for 3 miles
2.524:001h 12:00
2.623:041h 09:12
2.722:131h 06:39
2.821:251h 04:15
2.920:411h 02:03
3.020:001h 00:00

As you can see it ranges from 45 minutes to an hour and 12 to walk 3 miles. Remember, this is the same where ever you walk. This represents a long time of walking especially on a treadmill. We have some walking routines you may enjoy that will help burn calories and lose you weight. Your fitness level will increase too. Here they are:

How much walking is healthy

The CDC says brisk walking is moderate physical activity and you need to do 2 hours and 30 minutes per week for "important health benefits". That equates to 30 minutes per day 5 days a week. This is a lot less than walking 3 miles. For this reason you're better off walking by time spent rather than miles covered.

Once you've started walking 30 minutes per day then you should have lost enough weight and be fit enough so that you can start running. As long as you approach running very slowly then you should be able to accomplish it. There is a walk/run method that will have you running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks. It's called the couch to 5k and is designed for the treadmill and will build you up slowly.

Enjoy your walk

Try and walk regularly for those health benefits. Whether you do this on a treadmill or outside, make it enjoyable to maintain your motivation. If you have an attractive park nearby you can use, then all the better. If you walk alone then take some music with you through your phone. If you walk on a treadmill get a TV mounted in front of you. The exercise will go quickly if you find it fun.

You'll find a nice walk eases the stresses of the day and you'll start looking forward to it. It's something the whole family can do. Whether you walk 3 miles or 1, try and do it for at least 30 minutes. On a treadmill you may want to use the incline to help you burn more calories. Set it to 5% to start off with and can always adjust it as you walk if it's a motorized treadmill.


Whether you're walking to get healthy or lose weight 3 miles is maybe a bit too much and as we've said, you're better off heading for a brisk walk for 30 minutes, 5 times a week. If and when you start jogging or running then you only need do 15 minutes per day for those "important health benefits". Either way you're doing yourself a lot of good for the future from regular exercise.

Three miles is a great aim for distance to cover on a treadmill. If you do 6 mph which is 10 minutes per mile you will spend 30 minutes running. That is a fast jog. However fast you go, 15 to 30 minutes is how long we recommend you spend on a treadmill. If you want to spend an hour walking 3 miles it's up to you but if you can do that then you're better off beginning to do some running.

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