My Top 3 Recommended Treadmills For 2021

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By Simon Gould

I have been around and worked with treadmills for over 30 years. I must have seen, used and tested many and while they all do the same sort of thing, some are better than others. Whether you want a treadmill to lose weight, get fit and healthy, run faster or replace an old one. You'll find only the very best on this page. I stand by the top 3 I recommend here.

Quick summary

In case you're in a rush, these are the 3 treadmills I recommend. They all have great specifications and are durable. Whatever workout you choose to do, they have the features to enable anyone at any fitness level to achieve their goals:

1stHorizon 7.0 AT$999Visit Here*
2ndBowflex Treadmill 10$1,999Visit Here*
3rdSole TT8$2,499Visit Here

How I've chosen the best

There are certain key features I'm looking for in a treadmill. The motor must be strong and be able to power a run. The deck must be cushioned and large enough to take all kinds of users, big or small. There needs to be an incline for those power walkers and enough speed for experienced runners.

The console must have all the workout information we need. This is speed, distance and calories burned. This means you can track your fitness or weight loss progress. I also look for a treadmill that will keep you entertained as you exercise. The ones I've recommended can last for many years if they're well looked after.

Here is my number 1 treadmill

This is the best treadmill and it costs just under a thousand. Of course there are cheaper treadmills but I don't recommend any. If you want one with good specifications and will last then this is the cheapest I would go for. Cheaper treadmills have shorter warranties and have cut corners in order to make the item reach a lower cost. However, I've reviewed my favorite here:

1. Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill* - Price: $999

horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill

The 7.0 AT is part of the studio series of treadmills by Horizon and is part of their new range. You're getting a very recent treadmill for the money and a sturdy one too. It has a large weight capacity of 325 lbs so it can take a large person and the deck surface is large and wide. You'll be able to exercise with confidence when you get on.

  • Motor Power: 3.0 CHP
  • Folding: Yes
  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Shipping: Free

The motor is capable of providing a comfortable walk or run. The big incline means if you're trying to lose weight by power walking then you'll burn more calories. At the same time a runner who wants to get a good workout as part of a training routine, can appreciate the impressive top speed. The whole family, if they choose, can achieve their aims with this treadmill.

I also like the 8 workout programs. The reason is because they all have levels within each. Whatever your fitness stage, you can make the workout program of your choice as hard or as easy as you like. Not many treadmills offers this functionality. You can also trust the durability as there's a good warranty. This shows the company is confident on the build quality of their product.

What will appeal especially is the workout apps that come with the treadmill. One I want to mention is called Zwift and is free. This has you exercising on a choice of hundreds of different courses with other people around the world. It's connected via Bluetooth and takes this treadmill to a whole new level. You'll enjoy your exercise routines again thanks to this popular new technology. Overall, a deserved number 1.

  • Good
  • Free shipping
  • Warranty
  • Bluetooth
  • Big Incline
  • Price
  • Bad
  • Heavy treadmill

My number 2 treadmill

It was a close call as to which was going to be number 1 and 2. I think I made the right choice but that doesn't make my number 2 pick in any way inferior at all. They're just different really. My number 2 is by a great company with a great reputation who have been making treadmills for many years. I think you'll be impressed with it.

2. Bowflex Treadmill 10* - Price: $1,999

Bowflex Treadmill 10

The Bowflex Treadmill 10 represents a big leap forward when it comes to technology and workouts. I like that the technology is on point and so is the build quality and warranty. Sometimes you get one without the other but not here. The whole treadmill is controlled using a touch screen 10" HD interactive console and a unique app.

  • Motor Power: 4.0 CHP
  • Folding: Yes
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Labor Warranty: 2 years

The app is called the Bowflex JRNY app. It has been rated 4.6 stars out of 5 by over 3,500 users on the Apple App Store. This makes the treadmill into a digital fitness platform and it comes with some excellent features. You start with a fitness assessment so your fitness level can be determined and workouts created just for you.

Whether you're a beginner looking to lose weight or an experienced runner looking to run at home, you are all well cared for. The tailored workouts get harder for you over time as your fitness improves or you can select your own workouts, the choices are endless. There are over 40 different destinations around the world on the screen you navigate as you exercise.

You can even watch Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video or other services you're a member of. There's still a lot more to the app. The specifications of the treadmill are high with a 5% decline and a 15% incline. 12 mph top speed. Soft drop folding system. Bluetooth enabled with an included heart rate arm band. There's a lot to consider with this treadmill and a worthy 2nd pick.

  • Good
  • Bowflex JRNY app
  • 10" interactive full HD color screen
  • Warranty
  • Decline
  • For any fitness level
  • Bad
  • Large footprint

My number 3 treadmill

For my 3rd pick I've gone for a treadmill that is probably more suited to serious runners, although everyone could get a good workout on it. Unlike the others on my list this one lacks in entertainment. But if you're happy to watch a TV mounted on the wall in front of you as you exercise, sometimes that's all you need.

3. Sole TT8 Treadmill - Price: $2,499

Sole TT8 Treadmill

You hear a lot about inclines on a treadmill and this TT8 has it. What you don't often see is a decline feature, it's here and goes to minus 6%. I don't advise you use it too often to save your knees and joints. But the feature can help replicate a running course or give you some variation in your workouts. The incline can up goes to a challenging 15%.

  • Motor Power: 4.0 CHP
  • Folding: No
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Running Surface: 22" x 60"

As you can see by the brief specification the treadmill is a big one. It can take a weight capacity of 400 lbs because it weighs 322 lbs! If you're overweight and struggling to find a machine that can help with weight loss, then this is one to consider. It doesn't fold, unfortunately, so make sure you have the space.

Sole have been making treadmills for many years and could be found in hotel gyms. They have a very good reputation for machines that stand the test of time. For people who want a good workout for years to come, they're your go to treadmill brand. I think the TT8 is the best of their line up but they're all considered good.

I've chosen the TT8 as my 3rd best treadmill and I really think it's one to investigate. It deserves to be here for the build quality and durability. Even the components are specifically selected to help the machine last. I think being 3rd on my list is fair because I still recommend it.

  • Good
  • Durable
  • Weight capacity
  • Decline
  • Reputation
  • Bad
  • Zero entertainment
  • Heavy


I said at the start I stand by my 3 recommendations. I stand by what I think is the very best. This is the Horizon 7.0 AT, my number 1 pick. When I compare all 3, the Horizon just beats the Bowflex number 2 with the Sole coming in 3rd. The top 2 are close in terms of what they can do but the Bowflex is bigger in specifications.

I understand that a treadmill is a big investment for the home. But at the same time you don't want to go for a cheap one. A good treadmill can last from 10 to 12 years and sometimes longer, so it's worth getting it right. Whatever your goals for exercise, making the right choice is important, and that's why I recommend the 3 above.

Click Here for my number 1 pick, the Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill with Free Shipping*

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