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Here we look at treadmills themselves. How to repair and maintain them. The features they have and how to make one work properly and better than it has before. We'll also compare treadmills to other fitness equipment to see which ones are the best. They cost a lot so here we'll look at ways of making them last and what you can do if they develop any problems.

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A treadmill requires a lot of maintenance so here we'll tell you how to maintain it. We'll also tell you more technical information like how to open the motor cover and which type of lubricant you should use. These are all important aspects when considering a treadmill in the first place and how to make sure it lasts for you and your family.

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Treadmills are like major appliances so you need to take care if you notice something wrong especially a burning smell. Further maintenance articles can be found here including cleaning the belt, how to test a motor and resetting the treadmill. A treadmill needs to last a long time and following some of the help we've provided here can make that happen.

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A lot of the help articles here are about maintenance and that is because a treadmill costs so much and can last so long if looked after. We also look at whether you should buy a treadmill desk and the calorie counters on these machines and if they are accurate. We have a guide to treadmills motors and if you should pay for the assembly when they are in your home.

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In order for your treadmill to last you need to do a lot of ongoing maintenance. You may want to get the treadmill serviced annually but there are still things you should do more regularly. Here is where I help you with articles to get that done. Also treadmill keys are vital to an in home treadmill and often go missing. Here you will find out what to do if that is the case.

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So why is a treadmill called a treadmill and why do some shake when damaged. Will one work without a key and the answer is no. Treadmill safety keys are essential and should be replaced when lost. Treadmill equipment is becoming the most popular section as people try to diagnose and repair their treadmills.

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Since treadmills have been made for the home market, the variety on offer is very big. Some come with bluetooth, TV's, safety keys and more. With new technologies the price goes higher. Therefore people want to be able to diagnose and repair a problem themselves to make the cost of the treadmill go further.

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