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By Simon Gould

Here I look at treadmills themselves. How to repair and maintain them. The features they have and how to make them work properly and better than they have before. I also compare treadmills to other fitness equipment to see which ones are the best. They cost a lot so here I'll look at ways of making them last and what you can do if they develop any problems.

Treadmills compared to other exercise equipment

It's always very common to compare exercise equipment especially when it comes to which is better. Maybe you're thinking of buying a certain machine and want to see which is better for weight loss, or getting fit. You may want to compare the cost. Here I've written a guide in comparing the treadmill to each in certain categories to help you decide which you prefer.

There are all kinds of other fitness equipment available and new technology is helping release more. Some are very different and function differently to treadmills. Vibration plates, for example, you don't really do cardio exercise on them. But it's still worth comparing and seeing if it's worth adding one to your own gym.

Treadmill Running


Common problems

If you've owned a treadmill for any length of time, you've probably encountered one of these problems. In these pages I've gone through how you can solve the problem yourself. They are all common and are easily repairable and shouldn't need a technician to be called out. Although an experts eyes may be preferred for some.

Treadmills are very complex pieces of equipment, so things can go wrong especially when you consider the pounding they get when in use. It's always worth getting them repaired as they can last many years if looked after. The most common problems often involve treadmills getting stuck or making odd noises, they may just need lubrication.

Treadmill Running

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Maintaining your treadmill

As I've always said, a decent treadmill can last 10 years and longer if looked after well. This means maintaining them. There are things you need to do after every use and other things that need to be done every 3 months. Unfortunately treadmills can be a lot of work. You can pay a lot for them so it's worth taking some time to keep them working well.

Treadmill Running


How to guides

Knowing how to reset a treadmill is a very popular page. As well as turning a treadmill on and off seems to solve many problems. The same can be said of resetting the treadmill. The page has over 13 makes of treadmill and how to reset each. Some of my other how to guides are essential like, how to test a treadmill motor, which you'll find below.

The treadmill safety key is a tiny part of the treadmill but very important, because without it the machine won't work. If you lose it, or it breaks, then the page below will tell you how to make a new one. Of course you can always buy a replacement. Otherwise I've provided some essential information about the treadmill, like how much electricity it uses.

Treadmill Running

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Treadmills with certain features

Treadmills come in a range of varieties. Some have certain technologies while others have certain features. May be you have something in mind before you buy one. You may need a quiet treadmill if you live in an apartment, if that's the case then I've written a page telling you the quietest. I've done this with bluetooth and tv's if that's what you're after.

I've written about treadmill desks although I don't really recommend them. Treadmills for home use I've gone through the best for walking, jogging and running. If you're looking for cushioning because you're over weight or another reason I have a page here. Finally curved treadmills are a new technology and I've explored them in detail.

Treadmill Running

Common questions

One common misconception is that a heavy treadmill with someone running on it will damage the floor. In fact, a bed will have more weight going through it, often on small contact points. I explain all of this in the page below. Having a treadmill mat helps protect your floor and the treadmill itself and is recommended.

Some things you might need to know like if you can fit a treadmill in a car to change it's location is answered here. Renting fitness equipment may be an effective solution for some that I've explored. Keeping a treadmill outside is not really a very good idea and I've explained why. Also, they are very noisy and I've gone through that here as well.

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Treadmill advice

Treadmills are fast moving and dangerous equipment so should they be around children? If you need to contact the maker of your machine I've got the contact details of the major ones. Also where to get in touch with them for a variety of reasons. Motors are a critical part of your treadmill so I thought a guide might be handy to help you out.

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Treadmill brand questions

I've focused a lot on the treadmill equipment and given plenty of advice. This section is about the treadmill brands. Some brands are better than others. Some make their treadmills in similar ways which affect their performance. Some brands spend a lot on advertising and marketing. The treadmills themselves are often inferior if no money has been spent on making them better. I answer all that here.

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