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Treadmill Running


By Simon Gould

A treadmill is probably the best equipment to use for weight loss. This is because it burns more calories than nearly every other cardio equipment. It does this whether you're walking or running, either can burn the fat and excess weight off you with regular exercise. Many people have successfully lost weight by using a treadmill.

Weight loss advice

Before you get on the treadmill you may want to know if it's suitable for overweight people. Some obese people may need to swim or bike first to get some weight loss first before tackling the treadmill. Once you do get on one then you will lose weight and I go through the basics here with clear advice that works.

Treadmill Running


How much weight to lose

Here are pages for those who have a certain amount of weight they want to lose in a certain time frame. The 40 pounds weight loss is a very popular page, I go through how to do that and how long it will take. Ten pounds a month and 2 pounds per week fall in the healthy amount to lose as per the Mayo Clinic.

Treadmill Running

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Burning calories

If you want to lose weight then it's a good idea to track your calorie burn and intake. The calorie counters aren't necessarily accurate on treadmills but there are ways to find out the exact number. The 500 calorie treadmill workout page is a good one where I go through exactly how to burn that amount by walking or running.

Treadmill Running


Slimming using a treadmill

Targeting areas of the body has long been popular with those people who dislike certain parts. That's what this section is for. Whether it's belly fat, cellulite or love handles, there are always those problem areas of our body. There is good news because exercising on a treadmill can definitely help slim these parts of the body and these pages explain how.

A lot of people look at toning their body. This is especially the case for women and treadmills are ideal for this purpose. I have included workouts and every body part that can be shaped in a better way by exercising on a treadmill. Slimming takes effort and sometimes a lifestyle change, but your efforts are rewarded with a better healthier body.

Treadmill Running

Weight loss workouts

After all the advice I can provide above, at some point you're going to need actual workouts to follow to lose you the weight. The pages below have been designed for running and walking. You also have the incline to use which is such a benefit that comes with the treadmill. These are workouts anyone should be able to do and build up to.

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