What Meals Should I Eat When Running On A Treadmill?

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By Simon Gould

If you're exercising then nutrition is important. What and when you eat makes a big difference on how well your body is able to recover from the workouts you're doing. Only when the body recovers well are you able to run further or faster the next time you exercise. If you eat good food at the proper times your workouts will benefit you more.

When you exercise

You need to plan your eating around when you exercise. If you eat too soon before running you will suffer nausea and stomach cramps. Ideally you need to exercise and then have a main meal shortly after. The idea is to get protein in your muscles to help them recover and be ready for the next time you want to exercise.

People normally workout in the mornings, afternoon or evenings. After work and before your main evening meal is a popular time and a good one. You will have eaten lunch a while before so you can exercise without feeling ill from eating recently and you're about to take on your evening meal. Should you workout a while before you eat then a protein shake might be a good addition to your diet.


Some will say this is the most important meal of the day. What we say is it's important not to miss it. Having breakfast ensures that you don't snack in the mornings because you're hungry, so getting something healthy inside will make the difference. You need something that provides energy for the few hours to keep you going until you have lunch.

Cereal with milk is the ideal choice as it has carbs and fiber and will release it's energy slowly. This also provides some essential nutrients. Peanut butter on toast with fruit juice is also a good start. Any oatmeal based foods will go down nicely and include some fruit with it. A yoghurt smoothie is also a refreshing choice.


Your lunch will often be the main meal you'll have before your workouts for the evening session people. So it's good to get some carbs in there to give you some energy for the day. Some protein will also work to give your muscles some nutrition. Your midday meal will have some bread in there for the carbs and maybe some soup.

A bacon roll with salad filling will do for lunch. Most sandwiches are good and they are the sort of meal you can take into an office and have at your desk. Many offices have microwaves so a hot meal can be had if wanted. As you exercise get some meat in the meal like chicken or turkey. It doesn't have to be a lot just part of the sandwich filling because you need protein more than sedentary people for your muscles.


This is your main meal of the day and is usually the one after your workout. You're usually hungry for this one but if you're after weight loss then don't go overboard. Eat what you would normally have for dinner and you'll be fine. This is the one to enjoy with your family and is the biggest meal of the day. This is the one to pile on the protein if you haven't had a protein shake.

If a man needs 2,500 calories and a woman 2,000 then it's recommended to have around 650 calories in your evening meal. We recommend you get some grains in there like rice or pasta, also some vegetables and finally some meat which is your main source of protein like beef, chicken or fish. Afterwards some natural sugar that you find in fruit would be perfect.


The important things is not to miss a meal and this is especially so for breakfast. Have no more than 2 snacks if needed and work these around your runs. They should be protein shakes if your workouts are intense. Protein is the constant in these meals and calories need to be spent on it. Protein bars are becoming popular but still get most the natural way through a meat at dinner.

Plan your meals so that you get used to eating at regular times of the day because a routine will help you stick to good quality meals. Try and eat within 2 hours of working out even if it's a protein shake or bar. Your body needs the replenishment after a run on the treadmill. Finally make food that you enjoy eating and tastes good. Food while exercising should not be a chore to eat.

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