What Speed Should My Treadmill Be For Jogging? (Around 5 mph)

Treadmill Running


By Simon Gould

Treadmill running is an incredibly popular activity to get fit and more than 50 million Americans do it every year. It gets you active and is part of what the CDC says is necessary to live a healthy life. It will also decrease the chance of many diseases that end our lives early. But once we get on we want to know how fast to go to get these benefits.

Treadmill Jogging speed

Jogging is usually done by beginners and they especially want to know the speed that jogging is. The answer is that jogging is between 4 mph and 6 mph. This may seem fast and there is a big variation to what you can call jogging. As long as one foot lifts of the ground or treadmill in our case then you're doing something more than walking.

Jogging and running fits into the CDC description for physical activity that gives important health benefits. You only have to do 1 hour and 15 minutes per week of this and that can be divided into 10 minute chunks. It conveniently fits into 15 minutes, 5 times a week or 15 minutes every day from Monday to Friday.

If you're going from walking to jogging then a treadmill is perfect for this and there are many training routines that can help you achieve this. We've done a couch to 5k which is a walk/run routine to get you running (jogging) for 30 minutes continuously after 9 weeks. This is designed for the treadmill and the speed you go at is not important.

Benefits of jogging

Depending on your fitness level determines how fast you can keep going to maintain your jog for any length of time. If you can jog then start off at 5 minutes every day for a week. Then up this by 5 minutes every week and soon you'll have mastered the treadmill. The speed you go should get you breathing heavily but not so you're exhausted at the end. You should be able to just say a short sentence as you jog.

Remember that speed is not really important, you should ignore how fast other people are going and concentrate on yourself. Any exercise brings great health benefits and your endurance improves week by week so do run longer each week. We mean longer in time. You'll be able to do this as your fitness improves and that's how people are able to run long distances, they build up to it.

Jogging is fantastic for weight loss and toning your body. Just 5 minutes on a treadmill at 5 mph for a 150 lbs person will burn 51 calories. Use this treadmill calorie burn calculator to tell you how many calories you've burned depending on your weight, speed and time that you ran. You'll be able to enter all sorts of variables and as you run for longer the amount of calories you burn increases.

Advancing from jogging

Once you're comfortable with your jogging you may want to stay at that speed and enter a race. A 5k distance is 3.1 miles and jogging at 5 mph would take 12 minutes per mile so you're looking at around 37 minutes to run a 5k. Once you can run that long on a treadmill a race may be something you want to do. We have running plans for races of many distances and they're all designed for a treadmill.

You may want to run faster or start running outside. It's all up to you once you've already built up some fitness and that can all be done and started by doing some jogging. You'll start feeling better and sleeping better and have more energy. You will have noticed weight loss and inches falling off your waist all from jogging on a treadmill. All you need to do is begin.

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