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What Treadmills Come With Bluetooth?

Treadmill Running

By Simon Gould

New technologies are popping up everywhere. Everything is "smart" now. Smart TV's, lights, thermostats, almost anything is being connected to the internet for you to control and get information about on your PC, tablet or smartphone. This technology is coming to treadmills too. More and more treadmills are becoming smart and have bluetooth technology.

Treadmills with bluetooth

Bluetooth enables the treadmill to transmit your stats as you run to an app on your phone or tablet. This includes speed, incline, distance and more. Some treadmills brands come with their own app as part of the package. They are NordicTrack and Proform who have their own iFit app. These apps are very clever and enable you to run through scenery and download workouts for you to try.

Some bluetooth treadmills don't come with an app but there are plenty online that you can use. The most popular are RunSocial and Zwift. These fantastic apps enable you to compete with other users on runs. You can create workouts to follow and track your statistics on graphs for you and others to see.

Treadmill Running

You input your details on these apps and compare yourself to other runners. They also organize events where, via bluetooth, a 5k or 10k run could be arranged with many participants. It really gives you something to get out of your runs on a treadmill. You have a screen in front of you and you pass or get passed by other runners on the screen.

Using apps without a bluetooth treadmill

There are ways you can make your treadmill smart without having the facility built into the treadmill itself. There are devices called foot pods which you attach to the middle of your running shoe in the front using the laces. These can transmit all the information that a treadmill running app needs. They don't cost that much either.

There are run pods made by Zwift, Stryd and Garmin. All those links will give you more information about each run pod. These really give an amazing boost to your treadmill running. No longer will you find the treadmill boring and you'll look forward to running with others on your treadmill. Like running a race.

Treadmill Running


The good thing about run pods is that you don't need a screen in front of you. You can use them at a gym and record all your stats and connect them to your device to see them. Bluetooth in treadmills is really catching on, you may pay a bit more for them but you'll enjoy your workouts a whole lot more. There is a bit of research to get to know the app but you'll be thankful you did.

Your choice when buying a new treadmill is bluetooth or not. You can buy a cheaper treadmill and not have bluetooth built in. With run pods you can cheaply upgrade an old treadmill or buy a cheaper one. A smartphone is needed and they can be quite expensive depending on whether you buy the newest technology or not. It really is worth it as your fitness and health will be all the better with all this exercising.

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