What Treadmills Come With TV's?

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By Simon Gould

What better way to keep you occupied and entertained on a treadmill than to watch TV. A half hour run would go in no time with your favorite television show to watch. If that's on the console right in front of you then all the better. Perhaps you could plug in head phones to receive the sound. So what treadmills come with a TV?

Touchscreen or TV or both

A lot of treadmills have a touchscreen which can play scenery that moves as you exercise. These can come in from 7 inches to 15 inches on more expensive treadmills. Some will allow you to sync your TV to the touchscreen and you can watch TV that way, for a price. Most treadmills don't come with TV features but with touchscreens.

I run in a gym and the treadmill there is linked to the television network. These are commercial Precor treadmills and they cost many thousands. The screen isn't very big but the resolution is good and you can plug in headphones. It can be controlled on the screen so it's a touchscreen too. Some NordicTrack treadmills come with tablet holders so anything you can do on your tablet is all good.

There's not much demand

A treadmill with a TV used to be appealing but with the television technology today, there isn't much demand. If you have your own treadmill at home or plan to buy one. You're better off having a lovely big 60 inch TV, or whatever your preference on size, and mount it on the wall in front of your treadmill.

The biggest touch screen size I've seen on an in home treadmill is a Technogym one and that was 22 inches. It costs almost $10,000. Otherwise you're looking at screens of a size like 12 or 15 inches on most in home treadmills. You probably want a TV screen bigger than that and with surround sound and other cinema capabilities, the experience will be better too.


So to the question, what treadmills come with a TV. Not many at all, but some have the internet which is just as good for some. But instead of going for the biggest touchscreen around which is still quite small, mount a good TV in front of the treadmill. That's what most people do. Put the remote to the TV on the console and you're good for changing channels too.

Where features are concerned when it comes to your treadmill. Think about the size of the deck and the power of the motor. Think about paying for assembly or have it delivered to the room of your choice. Think about the qualities that will make it last and how you plan to use it. Take your time and choose the right treadmill and the right TV and you'll enjoy exercising.

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