Why Do I Feel Dizzy When I Get Off The Treadmill?

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By Simon Gould

Exercising on a treadmill is not the most natural thing to do where the floor moves and you don't go anywhere. This can be quite disorienting at first and it is something you will get used to after you train for a longer period. You may even feel dizzy when you get off the treadmill and there could be a few reasons for this.

Lack of a cool down

Whether you're walking or running you may feel dizzy if you stop abruptly. One minute you're walking on an incline and exerting yourself and then you suddenly stop. The same can be said of running. This is where the disorientation could occur and why a cool down is always recommended especially if you've been on the treadmill for a long time.

The cool down will usually take 5 minutes and will be similar to what you were doing but to a lessor intensity. So if you were walking up a 6% incline at a brisk pace then the cool down will be a more gentler walk and less of an incline. A runner may jog for a cool down and a jogger may walk. Whatever brings your heat rate down in a constant way is best.

Lack of fluids or food

One thing you need to do when exercising is keep yourself hydrated. We know that performance suffers if you don't drink enough and it can make you feel dizzy as well. This can be while you're exercising or appear afterwards. If it's while you're exercising then we would recommend you stop and see if it continues.

You shouldn't eat and exercise straight away, there needs to be an hour difference or so between eating and exercising. Lack of food can make you feel dizzy even if you haven't been on a treadmill. As far as fluids go you should ensure your urine is a pale color whenever you go. You should drink water for every 10 minutes of exercise.

Over exertion

Perhaps you're walking on your treadmill at a quick speed or a great incline or if you're running a further distance than you ever have. Then these conditions may cause you to feel dizzy. You may feel light headed where you've gone so far where you haven't pushed yourself before. The handlebars are there should you feel the need to use them.

You need to remember to warm up as well as cool down. It isn't a race, you don't need and shouldn't start at your race pace and never slow down. You will over exert yourself and feel dizzy. You need to build up to a long run or interval sprints. Your body can cope with extending it's limits but only in a gradual way.


You should consult a health care professional before you undertake an exercise program especially if you're over 40. You may also want to see someone if you feel the dizziness is unusual or particularly strong. Don't be afraid to stop exercising immediately if you're feeling any pain you haven't felt before and it concerns you.

If you do feel a bit strange sometimes, try and not let that put you off. Exercise, especially if you're just beginning, can make the body feel sore afterwards and is a big adjustment if you've been sedentary for a long time. Practise makes perfect and your body and mind will quickly get used to your new routine and it will start making you feel better in mind and body.

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