Why Does A Treadmill Stop Suddenly?

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By Simon Gould

There's nothing worse than having a treadmill for a while, you've been keenly exercising on it, then it starts stopping suddenly. Unfortunately there could be a few reasons for this, it's not always clear. I'll go through those reasons here but maintaining and lubricating your treadmill regularly is always worthwhile.

Reasons a treadmill can stop suddenly

A treadmill can stop suddenly as a precaution to prevent itself from further possible damage. If the motor is too hot then the belt will not continue to turn. There are cases where a treadmill will slow to a stop when you step on it and the combination of these problems could lead to a diagnosis as to the issue.

Most of the time a reason the treadmill slows down or stops suddenly there is a problem with the belt and or motor. If the belt is frayed, worn or not on straight then it won't continue to turn as normal. In this case the belt needs to be replaced and probably lubricated as well. Always have the treadmill at low speed when it's being tested for these problems.

If you haven't been maintaining your treadmill then the belt may just need lubricating. Lubrication helps reduce the friction between the belt and the deck. This can heat up and stop the treadmill moving abruptly. Lubrication requires typically a silicone based lubricant and I have made a page about how to lubricate a treadmill which will help you.

If your treadmill has been maintained then there will be other reasons for your problem. Check the belt is not getting old and worn. Whether it's been lubricated or not, a worn belt will cause a similar issue. It will stop to prevent itself from over heating. In this case the belt needs to be replaced. I have made a page about how to tell if the treadmill belt is worn out.


If you've tried the above to correct the problem and it still doesn't work. Or if you're not sure what the problem is, you can always call out an expert to fix it. A treadmill engineer can properly diagnose the problem and get the very part that's needed. This will cost you but a new treadmill will be a lot more so a repair maybe worthwhile for you.

If you do call an engineer to fix the problem, perhaps it might be an idea to get your treadmill serviced while he's there. Otherwise regular maintenance can be done and I have a thorough page that will help you with treadmill maintenance. There are procedures you can do weekly, bi weekly, monthly, quarterly and more. It's a lot of work but you do pay a lot for your treadmill so it might be worth doing what you can.

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