Will A Treadmill Get Rid Of My Cellulite?

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By Simon Gould

Cellulite is that lumpy, dimpled, orange peel like skin, usually found on the buttocks and thighs. It affects 80% to 90% of women and some men too. It actually occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue under the skin. It's so common that the thing is not to let it bother you. Even Kim Kardashian has it, and plenty of it.

Treatment options

Cellulite can be quite bad for some people so it's understandable if it's annoying for some. There are treatment options available but no cure, these treatments are mostly temporary. There's always some new skin dazzling equipment to treat it that becomes the latest fashion, but what treatment options are out there?

The American Academy of Dermatology has listed all the treatments that have been discovered to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Acoustic wave therapy and laser treatment have been listed as effective. Also subcision and vacuum assisted therapies have been shown to work. The final two are weight loss and exercise.

I think weight loss and exercise go hand in hand. If you are of a healthy weight then weight loss is not for you but exercise is. If you're overweight then exercise will cause weight loss. Losing weight reduces the amount of cellulite that can be seen. Exercise can make the muscles firmer so cellulite will become less noticeable.

A treadmill will help greatly

Let's say you go for those last two treatment options (weight loss and exercise). Then the treadmill is almost certainly your go to piece of equipment. You can get aerobic exercise in, where you run or briskly walk. And you can get some anaerobic exercise, where you turn up the incline and walk up a make shift hill to work the buttocks and thigh muscles.

The next thing when considering the treadmill, is what you're able to do on it. What I mean is, if you are quite overweight, then running is possibly not something you need to get into at first. That doesn't mean you can't benefit. I have devised a few walking routines on a treadmill that will enable you to treat your cellulite because you will lose weight. Here they are:

If you're just a bit overweight or at a healthy weight, if you think you'll be able to get running. Maybe if you're a beginner to exercise, then I have the perfect routine. It's designed for the treadmill and it's a walk/run method. Over 9 weeks you'll build up to running slightly longer each week till you're running for 30 minutes after 9 weeks. It's called the couch to 5k on a treadmill.

If you already do some exercise or feel you can run a little bit already. Then I have some weight loss routines for the treadmill for you. Maybe you've lost some weight already and want to lose those final pounds. Exercise is the best way (include the diet too). The following routines burn a set amount of calories. The first one I list is my 500 calorie workout:

Stay at a healthy weight

Please don't think, that more than necessary weight loss will help you look better. Once you're at a healthy weight, cellulite won't disappear if you start losing more weight. Losing too much weight will give you loose skin and still the same amount of cellulite. It's important to stay at a good weight for your height and don't be bony.

It can be easy to overdo exercise. It feels good and the results look good. Once you've got the results and you're at a healthy weight, then exercise and eat to maintain the weight. I go to a local gym and run on a treadmill there. I almost always see this incredibly thin woman on the eliptical trainer. I want to tell her to eat more, she doesn't look better for being so thin.


Exercise has proven to be effective at reducing cellulite. What's more, the effect stays as you continue to exercise. There are many other health benefits to exercise too. It makes me feel fantastic. There's not enough room here to mention all the benefits of regular exercise. Just know that you'll live a longer, more healthy and happier life.

A combination of treatments is the way to go if you want the best. Remember, in a bad light, everyone's cellulite appears worse than it is. Even famous people can not get rid of the big cellulite word on their body. You can go to magnificent lengths to hide it or decrease it. But exercise and being a healthy weight has got to be the best way to treat it.

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