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Treadmill Running
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By Simon Gould

Treadmills are designed to last many years. However much you spent on a treadmill it normally comes with a warranty. Sometimes you can pay to extend the warranty. If you need a repair you'll need to know which phone numbers to ring and what the office hours are. Here we brake that down for you for all popular treadmill equipment brands.

In alphabetical order:




Treadmill Running

Horizon Fitness

  • In warranty parts and tech: 855-396-2927
  • Out of warranty parts and tech: 888-993-3199
  • Support for manuals, product registration and contact form
  • Tel: (608) 839-1240
  • Johnson Health Tech
    1600 Landmark Drive
    Cottage Grove
    WI 53527
  • Horizon Fitness twitter
  • Horizon Fitness facebook

Johnson Heath Tech

  • This incorporates: Vision Fitness, Tempo Fitness & Matrix Fitness
  • In warranty: 800-335-4348
  • Support for manuals, parts, updates, guides and contact form
  • Tel: (608) 839-1240
  • Johnson Health Tech
    1600 Landmark Drive
    Cottage Grove
    WI 53527

Life Fitness

Treadmill Running
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  • Customer service and support: 1-800-347-4404 (Parts sales, product technical support)
  • Precor Corporate Headquarters: 1-800-786-8404 (Sales, customer service, public relations, company directory)
  • Precor World Headquarters
    20031 142nd Avenue NE
    P.O. Box 7202
    Woodinville, WA 98072 USA
  • Precor connect (service documentation, owner's manuals, customer service form)
  • Precor twitter
  • Precor facebook
Treadmill Running
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Sole Fitness


Treadmill Running
David Pereiras/


Xterra Fitness

Yowza Fitness

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