Vision T80 Treadmill: Features, Drawbacks and Specifications


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By Simon Gould

The Vision T80 is a high-spec treadmill from the company that make the Matrix and Horizon lines of equipment. They have been making treadmills for years including commercial machines in gyms and facilities. The T80 is very much like a commercial treadmill and it has a home and commercial warranty. This machine wouldn’t look out of place where ever it’s used.

Like most high-end treadmills it comes with a maximum user weight of 400 lbs so you know it’s sturdy. To take a weight like that the frame would need to be welded and it is. The running surface is 60″ which is standard and what you look for in flagship treadmills. You can be confident that sprinting which involves long strides can be done on this deck.

There is a choice of 3 consoles with each becoming more advanced than the other. They are called Classic, Elegant & Touch+. The basic one comes with the machine and has all the workout data you need and a few exclusive technologies like ViaFit and Passport Ready. These enhance your workouts and bring the T80 into the 21st century.

The other 2 consoles come at an extra cost and feature actual full color screens which give you a visual display. They are touchscreen so you control the T80 settings like you would a tablet or smartphone. They also provide far more workout data and come with a Polar heart rate chest strap to show your heart rate on the console as you exercise.


+ 22″ Wide Running Surface – The maximum I usually see is 20″ but just a few come along and have 22″. A nice big running surface is a lot safer than a small one. With small ones you have to concentrate so much on staying on the deck but with the Vision T80 you have the freedom to run as you choose.

+ 3.0 CHP AC Commercial Motor – Normal motors use DC current but this one is AC. The motor turns using a magnetic field. This can generate a lot more power at lower revolutions. You can do a long run with knowing the motor is not getting stressed and is less likely to suffer wear and tear as it gets older.

+ Commercial Warranty – As mentioned in this review above the T80 can be used in a commercial setting by many users. It has the warranty to back this up. What’s more this warranty goes to 2 years of labor. This is very good and shows how long the treadmill will last. A treadmill in the home can last up to 12 years if regularly maintained.

+ Virtual Active Courses – On the better 2 consoles you can have a real TV quality course shown on the screen as you exercise. It moves at the same speed you do, 2 are supplied and they are “Northern Rockies” and “American Southwest”. With the basic console you would need the separate Passport Player to use this feature and it’s shown on your home TV.

+ Sprint 8 Program – Many workout programs come with treadmills but the Sprint 8 is a little different. This is a high intensity interval program. It has you alternating between sprints and easier running for around 20 minutes. This way of exercising is a very effective way of increasing your level of fitness.

+ 2.4″ Crowned Rollers – Rollers are an important part of the treadmill. They can be found on the back and front of the deck. As well as being crowned these come with large bearings too. Rollers are a small but important part of the treadmill and generally the bigger the better. 2.4″ is more than big enough for a high end, home treadmill.

+ Ultra Zone Cushioning System – The cushioning part of a treadmill is what they are all about. Running outside is hard on your legs and often cause shin splints in some people over time. The T80 has this special zoned cushioning system which react to each footfall. It has to be special if they’re sold to commercial facilities too.


 Non-Folding – You don’t really expect high end treadmills to be folding but I have reviewed some that are. I have no preference for either but if you like this T80 and want to have it somewhere and fold it away afterwards, you can’t. I think that if you have one unfolded anyway then you’ll always have the space. But a large treadmill like this one maybe just too big for some.

 Heart Rate Chest Strap – All the T80 consoles can read your heart rate when it’s transmitted by a chest strap and display it. Only the better 2 consoles come with one included in the price and the basic one doesn’t. This is a little disappointing as the T80 is quite an expensive treadmill so I think they should have included one for all consoles but they haven’t.


ModelVision T80
Motor3.0 CHP AC
Running Surface22″ x 60″
DisplayChoice of 3 – Classic, Elegant & Touch+
DimensionsL 80″ x W 38″ x H 63″
Max User Weight400 lbs
Workout ProgramsVaries by Console
Speed0.5 to 12 mph
Incline0% to 15%
Warranty (Home)Lifetime: Frame & Motor
Lifetime: Cushioning
7 Years: Parts
2 Years: Labor
Warranty (Commercial)Lifetime: Frame
5 Years: Parts
2 Years: Labor


The features in the review above show that the Vision T80 has a lot going for it. I especially like the commercial warranty, not because it maybe used in gyms and the such like, but because if it’s bought for the home it should easily stand the test of time. It’s clearly been designed with a lot of use in mind and that’s how a treadmill should be.

If you want to take your exercise seriously then the T80 is the machine to do it with. You will be investing a lot of money in it but that is what your fitness and health are worth. If you normally run outside then you’ll struggle to get a better treadmill to run on inside. Overall this machine is indoor exercise and it does it well.

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