How Soon Can I See Results From Using a Treadmill?

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By Simon Gould

Whatever results you’re looking for they can be obtained quicker on a treadmill. Exercise on a treadmill is one of the best for getting workout results. The reason is because it’s quite intense exercise and this is the case if you’re walking or running. Walking can be a good workout when the incline is turned up.

Brisk walking is defined by the CDC as moderate physical activity and forms part of their recommendations that all adults should get. These are due to the great benefits physical activity gives and the results you get from it. So you maybe using a treadmill and you want to know when you’ll start seeing results. We’ll divide those into weight loss results, fitness and health.

Quick summary

After a week of exercising your body will begin adapting to what you’re putting it through. If you’re eating sensibly, you’ll start losing weight after a week and this continues as you exercise. Weight loss is one of the main reasons for getting a treadmill and it’s perfect for it. After weight loss it’s good for weight management.

For fitness and health benefits, you’ll see measurable results in about a month. People with high blood pressure will see it go down after 4 to 6 weeks when the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) start changing for the better (Source). Mentally, you’ll feel better after a week. If you can make it part of your lifestyle, these benefits stay. Stop and they take 3 weeks lose.

Weight loss results

If you are quite heavy to begin with and you start working out on a treadmill, you’ll start seeing results in a week. Weigh yourself on a Sunday evening, get on the treadmill all week and weigh yourself Sunday evening again, and you will have lost weight. The heavier you are to begin with the more dramatic the results you’ll get. As you get lighter the results come more slowly but they still happen.

The reason you see results quicker if you’re heavier is because it takes so much more energy (calories) to do the same workout as someone lighter. To lose a pound of weight you need to have a calorie deficit of 3,500. The best way to do this is through exercising and your diet. This way you’re results will come even quicker.

If you have some stubborn pounds to shift to be your ideal weight then it will take several weeks and maybe a few months to see the results you want. We’ve compiled some treadmill exercise plans for all kinds of people who want to lose weight. Give them a try to get you started on your weight loss journey:

I also did a page going through exactly how to lose 10 pounds per month on a treadmill and it’s worth a read.

Fitness results

Fitness results can be seen from a week or two. You will see your fitness improving after exercising a few weeks. Those who workout on a treadmill will notice they can run or walk at a greater intensity than a week or 2 ago. This is your body adapting to your exercising and your fitness level improves.

The treadmill is a cardiovascular workout but there is also strength training which is an anaerobic workout. This means it will increase muscle tone. This is perfect to do once a week alongside your treadmill workouts. You will see results from strength training within a few weeks also, you will be able to lift a heavier weight after each week then you will plateaux.

Do combine the workouts to give you maximum fitness results. After doing this combination for a while you will really notice the difference in your well being. If you’re new to cardiovascular training on a treadmill then try our couch to 5k which will get you running for 30 minutes from a standing start. We have gone through some strength training you can do and it’s half way down the page.

Health results

To get the health results simply keep doing what gets you your fitness results above. Soon your treadmill workouts will give you a runner’s high. Soon the strength training will give you a toned physique. But the health benefits of regular exercise goes far beyond that and they can all be obtained by getting results on a treadmill.

The improvements to your health are both mental and physical. It’s quite well known now that regular physical activity can help mental illnesses such as depression by releasing feel good chemicals that boost mood. The physical health benefits are enormous. It lowers cholesterol and it helps prevent type 2 diabetes which is one of the fastest growing problems across the country.

Your heart health gets a massive boost from your workouts. It makes sense because it’s your heart that get’s the biggest workout from all exercise. The exercise boosts energy giving you more time for your daily tasks and gives you a structure through your day. You sleep is improved as your mind and body needs to recover from all the work you’re putting yourself through.


So there you have it. For the results you want they start happening immediately, you just need to stick at it. Your weight loss and body as a whole will feel a rejuvenation depending on how much exercise you normally do. The best thing to do is roll out the treadmill and get working out. The results come no matter what age you are and the benefits you’re seeking. And if you are a beginner, don’t forget to go through this pre-treadmill run list to help you survive your treadmill experience.

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