Are Horizon Treadmills Good & Reliable?

Exercising on a Horizon treadmill

Horizon are becoming a well known fitness equipment brand. Here I’m going to look at their treadmills. Are they good value, do they last and how do they compare? You can spend quite a lot on a treadmill so it makes sense to investigate the brand behind them. I’ll look into all the treadmills Horizon make and see if they’re good and reliable.

How good are Horizon treadmills?

Horizon sell 6 treadmills and the prices go from $699 to $1,999. The most popular are the Studio Series. They use the latest technology to help you get the most effective workout. Whatever your fitness goals, you’ll find a Horizon treadmill to help you achieve them.

A brief history of Horizon treadmills

Horizon is a brand owned by Johnson Health Tech with headquarters around the world. They’ve been making fitness equipment for many years. Through the Horizon website and selected retailers is where you can find them. They offer competitive price points and feature packed equipment.

Horizon have consistently released new treadmills. They’ve taken advantage of every new technology as it becomes available. They’ve now included Bluetooth which has enabled streaming services to be connected to their equipment.

The Studio Series of Horizon treadmills

These are the latest treadmills Horizon have to offer. They have a lot of competition at their price range so I’ll look at them in more detail. There are 3 treadmills in this range and they have more features as you increase in price. They are as follows:

Horizon 7.0 ATHorizon 7.4 ATHorizon 7.8 AT
Drive Motor3.0 CHP Rapid Sync3.5 CHP Rapid Sync4.0 CHP Rapid Sync
Top Speed12 mph12 mph12 mph
Deck Size20″ x 60″22″ x 60″ XL Deck22″ x 60″ XL Deck
Screen Size7″ LCD8.25″ LCD9.3″ LED
Chest StrapNoYesYes
Max User Weight325 lbs350 lbs375 lbs
Labor Warranty1 year2 years2 years
Treadmill Weight253 lbs318 lbs330 lbs

While these aren’t the cheapest treadmills Horizon make, I think they’re the ones worth considering the most. They all have powerful motors starting at 3.0 CHP which is best for those who want to run. A good motor is also needed if the treadmill will get a lot of use.

They have the ability to change speed very quickly using their “RapidSync” technology. This makes high intensity interval training something you can do and you’ll find this a lot on apps like the Peloton app. The incline and top speed are 15% and 12 mph respectively. The maximum user weight starts at 325 lbs which compares very well with the competition.

The stand out feature of these Studio treadmills is the ability to connect apps to them. These take your workouts to another level by giving you the motivation to help push you further which each step. Horizon haven’t made an app unlike other treadmill brands so they haven’t had to invest in that technology. They use third party apps instead. This means the treadmills can have a higher specification for your money.

I see this as a major advantage. NordicTrack have their own app but you get a longer warranty with the Horizon. There are 2 years of labor as opposed to one. The deck has special cushioning they call “3 Zone Variable Response Suspension” and the size is good for even tall runners with a long stride.

Summary: The Studio Series are good treadmills. I actually point people to them when they ask me to recommend a treadmill. I think they’re good value and well made. Horizon has a special page dedicated to the Studio Series which tells you everything you need to know about them. You’ll find it here.

The Go Series of Horizon treadmills

Like the Studio Series, there are 3 treadmills in the Go Series. The T101 is Horizon’s best selling. It comes at a desirable price point and compares well with the competition. They’re slightly cheaper and aimed at a different market then the Studio Series above. Here are the models, prices and essential stats:

Horizon T101Horizon T202Horizon T303
Drive Motor2.5 CHP2.75 CHP3.0 CHP
Top Speed10 mph12 mph12 mph
Deck Size20″ x 55″20″ x 60″20″ x 60″
Screen SizeThree LED WindowsThree LED Windows Backlit LCDThree LED Windows Backlit LCD
Max User Weight300 lbs325 lbs325 lbs
Labor Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Treadmill Weight180 lbs184 lbs187 lbs

These treadmills have been on the market for a number of years. The T101 gets upgraded very regularly and is a best buy for a number of experts. Due to its smaller motor and deck, the T101 is best for those who want to walk on the treadmill and maybe some light jogging.

It’s the sort of treadmill that would be ideal for the elderly or overweight. People who want to get some exercise in the home but don’t need one built for running high speeds and long distances. It has a high top speed of 10 mph which is almost sprinting for me. The incline goes up to 10%. This is good for weight loss as you get a tougher workout without having to run.

All the Go Series have a maximum user weight of 300 lbs or more. Combine this with the 1 year labor warranty makes the T101 especially, good value. Horizon have used the same technology in their cushioning system across all their treadmills. This is typical of other brands too. Decks need to be responsive, but kind to your joints and that’s what you get here.

I still recommended the T101 for those who want to use it in a way I mentioned above. The T202 and T303 I don’t recommend anymore. If you’ve got $999 to spend then I recommend going for the 7.0 AT. The Go Series is a little dated now. The stats and prices between the T202, T303 and the 7.0 AT may be similar, but I would go for the newer model every time.

Summary: The T101 is very good and the stand out treadmill of the Go Series. It’s good for walking and maybe some light jogging only. Horizon has a special product page for the T101 which also has a nice comparison feature which tells you all about the Go Series in detail. You’ll find that here.

How reliable are Horizon treadmills?

The most obvious indicator of the durability and reliability of a treadmill is the warranty. It costs company’s money if their products go wrong under warranty. This means they have to build products that stand the test of time. All Horizon treadmills have 1 year labor warranty except the 7.4 AT and the 7.8 AT which has 2 years.

All Horizon treadmills have a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, even the lowest model. The parts warranty varies between all 6, but all have a number of years. They are sturdy machines and the weight of them confirms this. The entry level T101 weighs 180 lbs whereas the 7.8 AT weighs 330 lbs! This means heavy duty components have been used to make them.

I get plenty of emails and I’ve never had one complaining about the reliability of a Horizon treadmill. Reviews across the web don’t indicate any pattern of them going wrong.

Do Horizon treadmills represent good value?

There are a couple of reasons why they do represent good value. Horizon don’t do any unnecessary advertising. NordicTrack do TV advertising which is notoriously expensive. Advertising and marketing budgets affect the price of the product. You get a better treadmill for the money and this shows in comparisons I’ve done.

Horizon haven’t invested in a fitness app. These are very expensive to make and produce. So much so there’s usually an additional subscription charge. A subscription can cost around $400 per year and while you can use them with the Studio Series, you don’t have to. The very popular Zwift app is actually free and comes as part of the treadmill.

How long do Horizon treadmills last?

Most modern treadmills, especially if you pick a good brand like Horizon, can last up to 10 years. They do need to be maintained regularly. There are a number of things you can do to maintain the upkeep of the machine. You should clean it regularly and vacuum inside.

There are schedules you can follow that tell you what to do and when. You may want to get it serviced annually by a professional technician too. Cheap treadmills with short warranties don’t last. Horizon don’t make their equipment like that. You can depend on the lifespan of their treadmills.

How does Horizon compare with other treadmill brands?

Horizon have placed themselves in the market to provide a quality treadmill for the home. They’re not as popular as some other brands, but then they don’t have large advertising budgets. Word is spreading and they’re growing in popularity. The competing brands are NordicTrack, Proform Fitness and Sole. NordicTrack and Proform are made by the same company. The treadmills are very similar.

Sole were the leading brand many years ago. But they haven’t updated their treadmills in that time and new technology, like that on Horizon treadmills are taking over. Some people still stand by Sole because their treadmills are very well made and last. But most brands have caught up and are no longer inferior.

Final thoughts

You tend to pay for what you get and you get a lot of treadmill for your money with Horizon. I will continue to recommend the Studio Series until something better comes along. Fitness equipment is a competitive market and new trends are appearing all the time. Horizon is at the forefront of these and they need to be.

The Go Series is starting to show it’s age but the T101 remains popular. The Studio Series is a real step forward and should remain an essential buy for a good few years. A treadmill is a good investment and choosing a Horizon is a sound one. They’re well made, good value and fun to use.

Thinking of buying a treadmill? Here’s my favorite, I always recommend it when asked.

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