Do I Need A Treadmill Mat?

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By Simon Gould

Treadmills are big pieces of equipment and take up a lot of room in the house. You may have special a room allocated to it and other fitness equipment. Wherever you’ve put it you know a lot happens on top of the treadmill with some sometimes vigorous running. But you need to take care of what goes on underneath, the contact points on the floor need additional protection.

Yes, you need a treadmill mat

If you have a treadmill on a hard wooden floor then you need you give that floor some extra protection. This way you won’t damage the floor and the treadmill won’t move around if the floor is slippery. You need a mat, even manufacturers recommend a treadmill mat to prevent any possible damage occurring.

You also need a treadmill mat because it will prevent some of the noise that it makes. Less will be in the same room and less vibration and noise will travel to different areas of the house. They don’t cost much in comparison to the treadmill and really make a difference. You can either choose one from the manufacturer when you buy the equipment or you can choose to buy a separate one.

Some mats are very thick and interlocking, I think you may have seen the ones we’re referring to. These are the ones*, they’re thicker than the others and you set them up like a puzzle where you connect each square. You pay a bit more for them but we feel it’s money well spent. The cost of repairing a floor can not be underestimated. Amazon have a great selection* of other mats too.

One benefit not often known is that mats reduce the vibrations when you’re using one. These travel to the treadmill and loosen the parts, nut and screws and encourage dirt to collect. Having a mat reduces these vibrations and will lengthen the life of the treadmill and a treadmill can last for years if it’s taken care of properly, so get a mat.

What floors do I need a treadmill mat for?

You need one for all floors. But here I’ll go through them all and why a mat is needed.

Hard floor

The good thing about hard floors is they’re easy to clean. But they do attract dust very quickly and dust can affect your treadmill. It gets in the motor compartment and console. A mat will prevent less of this dust getting in. A mat will also spread the weight of your machine and stop it damaging a hard floor. It will prevent the treadmill moving around as you exercise on it.


Carpet attract more dust than hard floors. The movement of you exercising on a treadmill stirs up this dust and can affect it. Electrical circuits and their components really don’t like dust. As with hard floors, you’ll get a crucial vibration and noise reduction with a mat. This is essential if the treadmill is upstairs or in an apartment.


Bare cement is often found in garages. They’re a popular location for treadmills although many manufacturers don’t advise you put them there. However, if yours is there, you need a mat. Dust is a culprit again. Also you need something in between your treadmill and a surface like cement. If you like to listen to music as you exercise, then the noise reduction from a mat will help.


The cost of a treadmill mat is really quite cheap. You’re looking at around $60+. When you consider the cost of a treadmill and the floor it’s on, they’re worth it. You’re extending the lifespan of the floor and the treadmill by having a mat. It doesn’t matter what floor type you have, a treadmill mat is recommended. When you buy any fitness equipment, get a mat at the same time.

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