Does The Treadmill Make Your Bum Smaller?

Women running on treadmills to make their bums smaller

By Simon Gould

Most women have very particular goals in mind when starting their fitness journey, many of which focus on emphasizing those feminine curves. But, some have become quite deterred by the thought of using a treadmill with the concern that it may actually lessen these curves. So, do treadmills make your bum smaller or bigger?

Quick summary

Using a treadmill for workouts may seem to make your butt smaller by diminishing fat in the area, but increases muscle mass while toning and shaping your butt. Targeting glutes with a treadmill is most effective when power walking using a high incline, which will lead to a full and perky booty.

Although it may seem like the treadmill isn’t the best place to refine your bum, the treadmill has plenty to offer this area of the body, over and above the fantastic benefits it provides for holistic health. Stick around to find out how the treadmill can help firm and shape your butt, as well as how to use the treadmill for the most visually noticeable results over time.

What makes the “perfect” bum?

Of course, everyone has preferences about what is considered ‘ideal’ or attractive. But, most women long for that perfectly round, smooth, peachy bubble-butt regardless of size. The mission to achieve this aesthetic is frequently a major aspect of workout routines for women in particular, but the approach needs to target the right muscle groups and be consistent in order to retain its shape and form long term.

Will using a treadmill really boost your bum?

While it is true that treadmills are fantastic for building muscle and tone in the glutes and hamstrings, the initial design and purpose of a treadmill need to be understood and altered appropriately in order to actually see results. The treadmill is predominantly used as a cardio workout, which is fantastic for burning calories, burning fat, building endurance, and improving the health of vital organs, which is of course an indispensable aspect of exercise.

But, solely traditionally using the treadmill is unlikely to give you the results you are looking for when trying to firm up and shape your butt, as it will instead target the aforementioned areas of health instead of targeting the glutes in particular. This is commonly the reason why most people think that using a treadmill will make your butt smaller, but it’s more a case of mismatched activities.

How to use a treadmill when shaping your booty

When thinking about using a treadmill, the initial image that comes to mind will likely be someone running their heart out dripping with sweat. This is the common and traditional use of the treadmill, but in reality, this is not how you should be using the treadmill in order to transform your rear. The technology used when designing treadmills has come a long way since its initial invention, and there are far more options for its use than many years ago.

Running versus walking

Running on a treadmill will likely be an amazing cardio workout, but the glutes and surrounding muscles can be left under whelmed in the process. On the other hand, walking actually holds far more benefits for the rear when compared to running, as it has a greater focus on muscle building and toning as opposed to burning fat. This is especially the case when the incline is used

When running on a treadmill, it’s likely that you will use your entire body from moving your arms for balance, keeping your core sucked in for stability, and swinging those hips as you run. But, most of the work is actually being done by the thighs and other leg muscles. Walking on a treadmill will definitely be far more beneficial when trying to transform your booty without losing its size and plumpness, as it instead allows you to hone in on the upper thighs and rear muscles.

Treadmill inclines and hills

Adding inclines to your treadmill routine will definitely be essential if you really want to see results in your glutes. Walking on a perfectly level surface actually won’t do much for your glutes at all, whereas utilizing various inclines is certain to engage your glutes fully and consistently, leading to a perkier and rounder shape or form.

This is since using inclines does not only engage the glutes, but necessitates the engagement of the entire set of muscles along the posterior chain. The addition of hills and inclines demands that the large muscle groups, including the glutes and hamstrings, will combat the resistance of the incline being used, which instantly heightens the power and force being exerted by these muscles. This increases the potential for maximum results.

Using the treadmill in this manner is really fast-paced and is intense for the areas doing all the work. Walking on inclines keeps those glutes busy the entire time, and also keeps them guessing through less predictable movements, which is absolutely essential when trying to grow muscle mass in a healthy way.

How to begin exercising on a treadmill for a full butt

A great incline range to aim for when starting out would be 5% incline and 3.1 mph speed, after which one can alter this according to their abilities and goals. That being said, it’s not really recommended to go above a 5% incline, as this may begin targeting other muscle groups which are, of course, not what we want here. You can increase the speed to a form of power walking when you feel ready.

Rolling hills is a great way to start this variant of treadmill exercise. It allows you to use inclines in intermittent intervals coupled with walking on flat surfaces in between. This can help you get a hang of the power needed by these muscles, while still keeping them far more engaged as opposed to simply walking or running on a flat surface for the entire time.

Slow and steady is definitely the way to go, or at least the way to start off. Don’t be fooled into thinking that those running at full speed will get better results, this is not the case as they are simply burning more calories and may not even be trying to shape their butt in the same way you are.

The most important aspect of using a treadmill for shaping the glutes will be your form, regardless of the speed you are going at. To get a fuller bum try a 5 minute steady walk as a warm up on a flat surface. Then set the incline to 5% or whatever you can do to last 15 minutes.

Then make the surface flat again and walk for 5 minutes as a cool down. To remove fat in the area then a standard cardio workout is the way to go. If you’re new to exercising try my couch to 5k treadmill plan. This has you building up slowly and will aid weight and fat loss.

How long will it take to achieve a perky bum?

The amount of time that it will take to achieve your desired results will really vary between each and every person, since everyone has differing goals, varying capacities for the exercise involved and unique starting points. Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, it can take several weeks so be patient. However, most people will at least begin to see their transformation unfold within a few weeks.

However, what is essential in this transformation process is consistency. The occasional walk on a jog on the treadmill will definitely not give you the results you are looking for, as obtaining a full and firm butt does require plenty of exercise and building of muscle mass. Don’t push yourself before you are ready, rather opt for going at a pace that is reasonable for you, and staying consistent with your workout routines.

What can you do to see results faster?

Much like any form of exercise, using the treadmill to firm and shape your butt will be affected by various aspects of your lifestyle irrespective of how often you train. There are many risks for working out while dehydrated or malnourished, and being injured in the process will be a nightmare in addition to the fact that it will throw you off your routine.

Always be sure that you are drinking plenty of water, are obtaining the essential vitamins and minerals, and are following a well-balanced diet. This way you’re providing your body with everything it needs to transform that butt and decrease or cut out the things that slow your body down. Staying active outside of workout sessions is also a great addition for long term results, since it keeps those glutes awake throughout daily life.

Obtaining a perfectly round and peachy butt may seem difficult with a treadmill, but it can actually be done. A good and regular workout on a treadmill will help you achieve a goal of a firmer, perkier butt we see on all these celebrities.

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