Renting A Treadmill

Man renting a treadmill

By Simon Gould

You can rent nearly anything expensive these days, a house, a car, a yacht. It only makes sense that you could rent a treadmill. A good treadmill costs a lot of money, so what better, than to rent one. There are rentals popping up everywhere for all kinds of fitness equipment. There is clearly a demand for it and you just need to see if there is one in your area.

The advantages of renting

Apart from the cost, you also don’t have to worry about maintenance or if the treadmill develops or fault, you can just call the rental company and they will come and repair it for you. It’s in their interest to look after their equipment and they expect you to do the same. There will be a contract for you to sign.

If you’re undecided about whether you want a treadmill in the home, you can test it by renting one. It will be delivered to you requiring minimal assembly. You have it in the room of your choice and you rent it for a period of months. There is usually a minimum number of months you have it for. Then you can see if the noise is too much or you don’t use it.

Things to look out for

As said before, there is usually a minimum commitment of months. So factor this and add up the monthly cost. They usually just say a certain cost per month. But think about how many months you have to have it for. The longer you have it for, normally the price per month is slightly lower.

There is usually a delivery and collection cost. Find out if it’s delivered to the room of your choice or if you have to take it there yourself. Treadmills can be very heavy and 2 people may be required to move it. Find out how much assembly may or may not be needed and if you’ll be able to do it yourself.

If you have a choice of treadmills think about the user capacity and who’ll be using it. You also need to know the maximum speed and incline. Basically, it’s like you’re buying the treadmill, which you are for a short period, you want one that fits your needs.

7 Companies you can rent a treadmill from

Be sure to read all the terms and conditions because you’ll be signing a contract with them. There aren’t many national ones, you may find a reputable company local to you. Always do plenty of research yourself and consider all your options. In the end it can be a cheaper way to have a treadmill or see if you want one.

Remember that they’ll expect the treadmill back in the same condition they rented it to you. So be sure to clean it and do some simple maintenance. Ask them how you can look after the machine and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

1. Rent A Tread

Rent A Tread have been in the business for 12 years and rent out a range of fitness equipment. They specialize in renting equipment to people’s homes. They’ve become busier in recent times as everyone has had to stay at home.

They’re based in Greater Seattle but can deliver their equipment further away if needed. Their treadmills, exercise bikes or ellipticals are available to view on their website. For a treadmill the price starts at $69.99.

2. Treadmill Outlet

This one is only available to those in Northern California. Rentals aren’t there core business but it is a service they can offer. You need to email them the type of treadmill you need and they promise to find you one that’s suitbale.

Through the link above they tell you exactly what they need to know and they endeavor to help you as best they can. If you’re based in Northern California, They look committed to helping you and are worth a closer look.

3. Sports Rent

This one is for my Canadian friends in the Greater Victoria area of British Columbia. They offer a range of equipment including treadmills. They list their prices through that link and are up front about the costs involved including a deposit.

I like that they recommend which treadmill you may need based on what exercise you plan on doing, whether it’s walking or running. There’s a minimum of a 2 month rental and they note there is a high demand at the moment. They’ve been in Victoria since 1989 and are locally owned.

4. FitHire

This one is based in the UK and can offer equipment rentals for the home or commercial fitness facilities. They’re located near the South coast of England but they operate nationwide. They’ve been in business since 1999.

They claim to have the largest choice of fitness equipment for hire in the UK. They don’t list any prices but a quick enquiry will get you any answers you need. They’re members of various organizations that ensure they’re fair and customer focused.

5. FitDel

These are based in Austin, Texas and rent to homes, events, commercial and concierge. They’re proud of their no up front costs and have achieved an A+ on the Better Business Bureau. They offer many different brands and types of fitness equipment.

I like that you can swap equipment if you want. This means you can stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals. They even rent to offices and health clubs. So if you’re based in Austin and need a treadmill, then you know where to go.

6. Fitness Choice

They deal with the Greater Western Montana area. They specialize in treadmills, ellipticals and recumbent bikes. The treadmills rent from $30 to $75 per month and you can organize everything online if you wanted. They accept payments through PayPal and any cards can be accepted through them.

There’s no limit as to the length of the rental and will work with you to match your needs. They list the NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill as available to rent. These are good treadmills so they seem to have a good standard of equipment available.

7. Hire Fitness

This company has locations across the UK and Ireland. They can offer basic to heavy duty treadmills from £18 per week. They even have treadmills with desks for those who like to work while exercising. They offer deals if you wanted to hire a range of fitness equipment.

They have a free phone 0800 number if you just wanted to have a chat about what you need. They’ve been in business since 2001 and have grown to a company with 15 franchises around the country. As well as homes they’ve rented their equipment to schools, universities and even film shoots.


Treadmill rental may be a good choice for some. You can rent anything these days so why not a treadmill as well. The prices are very low compared to buying one outright. As I mentioned, check the contract you’re agreeing to and any maintenance they may expect of you. Type in Google “treadmill rental near me” if you don’t see one in your location above.

From what I have seen, don’t expect the latest treadmill with all the latest technologies. The standard can be quite poor. But as long as it does what you need this shouldn’t be too much of a concern. After all, if it goes wrong the company will have to repair it. See if they provide any guarantees in this respect. Otherwise renting is definitely something to consider.

Thinking of buying a treadmill? Here’s my favorite, I always recommend it when asked.

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