Why is My Treadmill Squeaking and How Do I Stop It

Running on a treadmill that squeaks

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By Simon Gould

There’s nothing better than owning your own treadmill. You get to exercise at home and it doesn’t matter what the weather is you can get some good miles done indoors. In time though, as the treadmill ages, you may start to notice some noises developing when you run. These can be annoying and they get louder and louder. Here I tell you how to reduce and maybe stop any squeaking noises you hear.

Why a treadmill squeaks

The noise can interfere with your enjoyment and those around the home. The nuts and bolts that hold the treadmill together may have loosened very slightly. There are points where the screws meet that need lubrication. They recommend you do this with the belt regularly. There is special lubrication designed for this purpose.

Some research is needed on your part to get the right lubrication for the specific treadmill. Some manufacturers have their own so you would need to buy them. Amazon also sells treadmill lube* which doesn’t cost too much and would be ideal to lubricate the points and rollers of the treadmill belt and may solve the problem.

All treadmills require some regular maintenance and doing that will help prevent any squeaking noises occurring. If you’re not sure of how to do any of this you can pay a professional to maintain the treadmill for you. The following video shows someone with a common home treadmill dealing with the squeaking problem. It shows him lubricating the pivot points with grease and may help you deal with your’s.

Do it yourself or pay someone

If the treadmill is under warranty, the manufacturer may do this for you. Explain the problem and ask them if it’s covered under the warranty. You may want to read the terms and conditions of the warranty yourself to see what’s covered. Labor warranties are usually 1 to 2 years with good treadmills. Regular maintenance is not usually covered.

As you can see in the video. If you plan on doing this yourself you will need some tools to help you. It may not be an easy process for some as it involves undoing, lubricating and tightening bolts and screws. It isn’t something you need to do very often so calling out a professional may be a viable option for some. Make sure you check all the costs involve before you call.


A squeaking sound is not usually a sign of any damage and is common with screws and bolts rubbing against each other over time. A treadmill has components that need to remain tight and their use through exercise causes noise. It’s more of an annoyance when your machine does this. Squeaking every time you land on the deck.

To prevent the sound in future, you need to start a maintenance schedule. It may not go away completely, but you can prevent it happening so soon. Concentrate on where you hear the squeaking sound which is usually under the deck. Be careful to apply any lubrication at the pivot pints and make sure not to spill any, if you do, wipe it immediately.

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