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By Simon Gould

Exercising is a great routine to choose. The health benefits are enormous, no matter how much you choose to do. Do it regularly though, as the World Health Organization recommends, and you'll receive "great health benefits". I have started this site with the beginners section as a guide to get people into using a treadmill for these benefits.

Thinking about using a treadmill?

Maybe you're considering exercising on a treadmill. They're very versatile, you can walk, jog or run. People of any age and at any fitness level can begin working out on one. I have written articles for people thinking about the treadmill and whether it's worth buying one and using one. There's even a page for the disadvantages, they're worth a look.

The great benefit about the treadmill is the results you get and how fast they occur. I go through weight loss, health and other results you can get and when. Also children around treadmills is a risky subject. They are big pieces of equipment and can be dangerous for young people. Supervision is often recommended and I go through that here.

Treadmill Running


Before you start

So you've thought about using a treadmill. But now we're close to using one and you need some information as to everything you need to know before you begin. First of all you'll need to know things to bring with you for every time you workout. You also need to know if you should use running shoes. Plus a good time to exercise during the day, is all answered here:

You maybe wondering if it's best to buy a treadmill or join a gym, there are pros and cons to each. You can make a treadmill run fun at home and an article below tells you how. If you choose to join a gym, there are some unwritten rules around using the treadmills which I've discussed. I also go through why you shouldn't buy a cheap treadmill, you lose money in the long run.

Treadmill Running


The treadmill itself

Once you get on the treadmill as a beginner, you have more questions. The console can look daunting at first and I go through what you can expect here. There are workout programs that are good to try and I explain why. You also need to know a speed to go at. I always recommend beginners to go slow, but I give you the ideal speed for walking, jogging and running.

There are many buttons on a treadmill and if you're not used to them, they can seem confusing. I out any confusion to rest in the article here. You shouldn't hold onto the handrails while you exercise. They are only there for safety. One important thing is using the right distance measurement you're happy with. This can be easily changed on the console.

Treadmill Running


Beginners advice

As a beginner you need general advice on using a treadmill. How often should you workout, how fast, how long. I had many questions when I started all those years ago and there are many things to know that will help you. This can save you hours or days of doing the wrong thing when you're exercising. See below for a few pages of things that will help you.

A beginners page is going to have more advice than anything else and that's what I have here. These are more questions I had when I started. Treadmills can be boring and I explain why, and why I think they're fun. One eternal question is comparing exercising on a treadmill to outside. I prefer a treadmill for a number of reasons and here I tell you why.

We all have treadmills and enjoy exercising on them. But how many minutes per week are actually recommend as official advice? I answer that here with links to World and Government organizations which show they recommend the same amount. I also answer whether treadmill speeds are universal. They are accurate and you can choose mph or km/h, in the US, we're used to mph.

Treadmill Running


Beginner training plans

The couch to 5k on a treadmill is one of the busiest pages on this site. It gets repeat visits from people looking to do the routine as a beginner to get themselves fit and healthy. You also get a running foundation to work from. Hundreds of people look for the couch to 5k plan to begin their exercise plan. Running a mile is also popular and jogging is usually a pace all beginners can do.

Treadmill Running


Medical advice for beginners

Exercising on a treadmill has many health benefits and I discuss a few of those here. For those who have underlying health issues can get a great benefit from using one. But then a treadmill can cause some health worries too. Maybe you feel dizzy when you step off one. Maybe you're concerned that running on a treadmill can cause injuries in itself.

Vertigo is a horrible condition that running on a treadmill can make worse. I've fully gone through that here with a recommendation of how you can still use one with this condition. Apart from that, a treadmill can help sciatica, diabetes and fatty liver. This is proven by medical research papers which are quoted and discussed in the pages below.

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I'm Simon Gould. I've been around treadmills my whole life. From running on them at an early age to working in treadmill dept's of national stores. I've run outside and I've run on treadmills and I prefer running on treadmills. I still run on one nearly every day and love it.

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