Can A Treadmill Reduce Face Fat?

Two people running on a treadmill to reduce face fat

By Simon Gould

We normally associate face fat with babies and young children. But this can stay with us as we get older. A chubby face is not the most attractive feature especially if there’s a double chin as well. However, there are ways to reduce face fat and get the chiseled look we all crave. Here I go through effective ways of achieving the look you want.

Are you overweight?

This seems a strange question to ask but is very important when it comes to reducing face fat. If you are overweight for your height and body composition, then some of that weight will be on your face. This means you will be able to reduce some of the fat you see in the mirror. If you are very overweight then this will be more apparent.

If you are a normal weight for your height, then I’m afraid to say that the fat you see on your face will not clear with the methods I go through. If you are of a good weight then you shouldn’t try to lose weight. You should embrace the way your face looks. Ask friends for an opinion about the shape of your face and you may be surprised that others don’t see a problem.

A calorie deficit is the solution

If you’ve identified you’re overweight then you’ll be able to lose weight which will reduce face fat. It won’t be easy, but maybe you want to look good for that holiday, you may have a wedding in the future or you just want to look better. A calorie deficit is the only way. There’s nothing you can do to your face alone, weight will need to come off everywhere.

Before I go through the steps to lose weight, know that you may feel a little bit hungry at times. When I lost 30 pounds I felt hunger pangs occasionally. But I was eating a sensible diet so I knew I just had to wait for the next meal. You may get the same feelings. As long as you eat properly then you should not be concerned.

The calorie deficit will be achieved through aerobic exercise and diet. I’m sorry there is no magical method to lose face fat. There are no pills that lose you weight and keep it off. There’s no special diet where you eat something and lose weight. The idea is you may have to eat less. By doing these two things you will lose fat and keep it off.

Aerobic exercise on a treadmill reduces face fat

Before you panic at the thought of exercise, aerobic exercise doesn’t have to mean sweating on the treadmill. Brisk walking is enough and is considered aerobic exercise. There are many routines you can do on the treadmill because you can change the incline. So you can make walking strenuous or not and still lose calories.

Brisk walking is about 3 mph for most people and you don’t necessarily have to use the incline. I have a few routines for walkers that are designed for the treadmill. These will help you burn calories on your way to a deficit. You don’t have to do too much too quickly, but do make an effort, as that’s the way results come.

If you have some degree of fitness already. Or you may not be very overweight, then you may be able to start running as part of your routine. This will help you burn more calories. The first part of a running routine could be a couch to 5k on a treadmill. This will get you walking and running in 9 weeks, it’s worth a try.

Here are some routines that will help, they assume you have already been running. These will definitely help you lose weight.

A diet helps too

Where diet is concerned you don’t need to reduce carbs or keto your way to weight loss. All you need to do is eat 3 meals a day and maybe 2 snacks as well. As you are exercising you need to make sure you do get enough food. So you need to consume a normal diet and you will still lose weight. Make sure your portions are sensible.

Even this may mean that you are eating less than you normally do. In any case, it’s what a person of normal weight consumes. That’s all you need to do. Like I said before you may feel a bit hungry at times. But that doesn’t last forever as you start to lose weight. And losing weight is what you need to do if you’re overweight.


There it is, your guide to losing face fat. It can be easy or as hard as you like. You can either lose weight and fat quickly or slowly. But by following what I’ve said here, you will lose weight. And if you’re overweight, to begin with, then your face will lose any fat deposits there too.

When you succeed the results can be remarkable. When I lost 30 pounds everyone could see it on my face. It was winter so I was wearing heavy clothing but friends could still spot the weight loss. I wasn’t trying to lose face fat but that is what happened. It occurred very quickly for me but I had exercised before. Just do what you can and you’ll be surprised at the results you and others will see.

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