A Guide To Remove Your Treadmill Motor Cover

Remove Your Treadmill Motor Cover

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By Simon Gould

A home treadmill represents a big investment for the home and your future health and wellness. It requires regular maintenance of all types. Some need to be done every year and some every week. You need to get familiar with the machine and not just how to operate it. You should get familiar with it’s workings and this will involve taking the motor cover off.

As part of regular maintenance it is advised that you vacuum around the motor and the motor cover after removing it. This is because lots of dirt and dust can accumulate within these parts. This is due to when you’re exercising on the treadmill you’re bringing up dust from the belt. Also all the dust and dirt in the home around us.

Does removing it void the warranty?

With a lot of electrical appliances, if you remove any cover to expose its parts, this will void the warranty. If your treadmill is new and is still in the warranty period, contact the manufacturer to find out if there are any consequences to what you want to do. The warranty usually requires you maintain the treadmill, but it’s better to be sure you’re doing the right thing.

Any damage you do when the cover is off will certainly affect the warranty so take care. Don’t try to lift the motor or move any of the wires. Take care not to have any liquids around when you remove the cover. There is a motor control board that doesn’t like moisture. Keep the screws next to the openings so you don’t lose anything.

Removing the treadmill motor cover

First of all unplug the treadmill from the electrical outlet. To remove the cover you’ll need a screwdriver of the same type so it could be a Phillips one or a normal flat head. There are usually 2 screws holding the motor cover in place and are usually at each end of the cover. Other models may have more screws, but they should be easily to locate around the motor box in the front of the treadmill.

Once you’ve undone the screws holding the cover in place carefully remove the cover and keep the screws in a safe place. Then you will see the motor which looks like a cylindrical metal object with wires coming out of it. If you are vacuuming this be careful not to touch the wires so that they could detach. If you have one use a pointy attachment for the vacuum.

When finished that’s the vacuum around the motor you’re done for your maintenance. You may have wanted to test the motor and that’s why you’ve taken the cover off. In any case, take care putting the cover back on like you took taking it off. Tighten the screws back, then plug the treadmill back into the electrical outlet.https://www.youtube.com/embed/JDnqBsJQRAE

Treadmill safety around the motor

For safety I recommend you test the treadmill without anyone on the deck to check it still works normally. Taking the cover will become like a habit. If you’re unsure of anything then don’t attempt the hood or cover removal. You can always have the motor inspected, tested and cleaned by a professional technician once a year. Some motor parts like brushes can wear with a lot of use.

I recommend a treadmill is looked at annually and serviced. The benefit is the motor is the most important part. Just removing the cover and vacuuming can only do so much. Replacement motors can cost around $500 to buy and fit. The motor cover is plastic and sturdy, it won’t break. If you’ve done the assembly, you might be familiar with how to remove it. It only takes a few minutes.

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