Should I Use My Treadmill Every Day

Treadmill running every day

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By Simon Gould

Exercising on a treadmill is a fantastic way to get fit and lose weight. The CDC already recommends exercising 2 and a half hours which is 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week, this is for important health benefits. However, some of us may have time to run everyday, 7 days per week. So is it something you can do successfully?

When it is ok to run everyday

There are some people that can run everyday and not feel any soreness or suffer injuries when they do. These are people who are in their 20’s, are of a healthy weight, have been running for 3 months or more and only exercise for 30 minutes maximum everyday. The treadmill itself helps because the deck is cushioning as you run.

As you can see the criteria is quite small for who we would say can run everyday and that’s because rest is important. Your muscles recover when you have a day off running. People in their 20’s have strong bone density and muscles. A healthy weight means less stress on the joints. 3 months or more experience of running means your body is used to the stress of running and 30 minutes is not too long.

If you do run everyday pay close attention to your body as it’s easy to over do it. When you start seeing results and you start feeling really good you may want to increase the intensity of your runs, do this slowly. Any aches and pains may just get worse if you carry on running. Also over training can get you down and make you feel low which is the opposite of what you want.

When it’s not so good to run on a treadmill everyday

I’m in my 40’s and while I exercise everyday, I can’t run everyday even on treadmills. My weight is ok but my joints aren’t as supple or as strong as they used to be and I find my left ankle doesn’t like it. So I try and alternate between an exercise bike one day and the treadmill the next. I do this because I love running so much and want to keep doing it. When I was younger I didn’t get any injuries.

If you’re running everyday for weight loss you’re very likely to succeed, only be careful of putting the stress on your joints if you’re not at a healthy weight. Consider other forms of cardio to replace running that don’t have any impact like elliptical trainers or bikes. Perhaps when you get to a weight you’re happy with then running everyday may be achievable for you.

You will see many fitness bloggers who update their websites regularly, talk of doing streaks, this is when they run everyday for a certain number of days. Like many have found, it’s not as hard as you think but requires a lot of time and commitment from you. If you’re in your 40’s or higher or are susceptible to injuries then you may know already that running everyday may not be suitable for you.

Common signs of overtraining

If you do run on a treadmill everyday, here are a few symptoms you may want to look out for. Fatigue is a common one. There’s one thing being tired straight after a run, but there’s quite another if you feel physically drained for the rest of the day. If you lack energy after your workout, you may need a few days rest or to lower the intensity. Losing too much weight would also be a red flag that you’re over doing it.

Muscle soreness that doesn’t seem to go away is something to consider. Overuse injuries like shin splints or runner’s knee. If you’re getting less sleep or your sleep activity has changed. Running on a treadmill hard everyday can start getting you down. If you’re not looking forward to your runs and you don’t feel motivated, you could be doing too much.

Final thoughts

Is it ok to run everyday, for some yes, do you want to run everyday. If you find it enjoyable, it makes you feel good and it’s a hobby for you then go for it. If you feel absolutely exhausted and it’s getting you down then don’t do it. You can become addicted to many things and exercise is one of them. Just make sure it accompanies your life and doesn’t take it over.

Ensure you stay at a healthy weight and know that if you exercise everyday then you may need to take in more food to remain at that good weight. Some extra protein may be needed as it helps repair your muscles which is what you’ll need. If you run on a treadmill everyday without problems, you’re going to be improving your health in so many ways, so keep doing it.

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