Training For A 10k Race On A Treadmill

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By Simon Gould

A 10k race is a bit more of a challenge than 5k. You'll be running 6.2 miles and you'll be running 30+ minutes. Practising on a treadmill means you'll be able to do some race pace running or faster This will help you get a good time. This plan assumes you can run for around 20 minutes so you already have a fitness level you've achieved.

The 10k plan

This plan will have you running a combination of by mileage and time spent running. The time spent running will be the Sunday run and is your longest run of the week. All runs are done on treadmills except we encourage you to try and do 1 run outside per week. This is especially important leading up to the race. We have used some abbreviations so the key below will tell you what they stand for.


  • CT - This is a cross training day. You still need to do a cardio workout but the equipment changes. Try an elliptical, bike or swim on these days.
  • O - This means try and do this run outside. We recommend one a week or more if possible.
  • RP - Run at race pace or faster when you see these initials on a day. This will help improve your time.
1Rest1 mile OCT1 mile RPRestCT20 minutes
2Rest2 miles OCT1.5 miles RPRestCT30 minutes
3Rest2.5 miles OCT2 miles RPRestCT40 minutes
4Rest3 miles OCT2.5 miles RPRestCT50 minutes
5Rest3.5 miles OCT3 miles RPRestCT60 minutes
6Rest4 miles OCT3 miles RPRestCT70 minutes
7Rest4 miles OCT3 miles RPRestCT45 minutes
8Rest3 miles OCT2 miles RPRestRest10k Race!

There it is the 8 week plan to 10k. By now you should be used to taking on hydration during your runs. At 10k you will need to drink water along the way. Try for an energy gel or protein bar at the end if this race especially if it takes you 45 minutes or more. Once you've rested and looked back at your 10k race, it's time to take on something bigger to challenge yourself further. What better than a half marathon!

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