Treadmill Extension Handles

Treadmill Extension Handles

Treadmills are used as a fitness tool by people of all ages. Whether you are using it to lose weight, as part of a workout routine, or to maintain your current health and fitness level, many accessories are available for your treadmill to get the most out of your exercise experience.

You can use extension handles on treadmills at home and in a gym where treadmills tend to be located away from other equipment or people. You may need a treadmill extension handle if you want the additional range of motion it provides in combination with resistance bands to stabilize yourself while working out.

Let’s dive deeper into the basics, the best choices in the market, and how to use them.

What Is a Treadmill Extension Handle?

A treadmill extension handle is created by inserting a weighted handlebar into the shaft of a treadmill. The handlebar is equipped with resistance bands tied to it and provides increasing resistance as you step onto the treadmill.

The weight of these handles makes them sturdy enough to hold heavy weights and stop you from slipping off or tripping. They are also relatively inexpensive, especially compared to professional-grade weight plates sold online.

A common extension handle on treadmills includes three or five bands. Treadmill extension handles are available in many different sizes for different uses.

5 Best Treadmill Extension Handles

Most individuals have a hard time finding high-quality options so they can have the best experience possible. Here are the best treadmill extension handles:

1. True Fitness TM30 M30 Treadmill Handrail Rail Sleeve Extension

True Fitness TM30 M30 Treadmill Handrail Rail Sleeve Extension
Source: Amazon

The True Fitness M30 Treadmill Handrail Rail Extension Sleeve is made from sturdy rubber. It is extremely flexible and easy to assemble and has an overall length of 24 inches.

The weight capacity for this handle ranges from 300 lbs to 600 lbs, making it suitable for many users. The metal shaft provides the strength to prevent slipping, and the metal plate completes the construction. The weight capacities ensure that your exercises with resistance bands are safe and secure even if you have a large amount of weight on your handles.

It has extra long handles that you can use, similar to a crossbar in climbing exercises and other fitness activities like pull-ups or push-ups.


  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Great alternative to usual workout grips on other machines without compromising the quality or shape of the handrails
  • No need to buy additional weights over time


  • Cannot be used as an alternative to dumbbells
  • Some might find it too light or feel unsafe while using it

2. Treadlife Fitness 6″ Replacement Grip Handle for Exercise Equipment

Treadlife Fitness 6 Replacement Grip Handle for Exercise Equipment
Source: Amazon

The 6.8 x 3.7 x 1.3 inches rubber-made replacement grip handle is compatible with various treadmills and stationary bikes.

The Treadlife Fitness 6’’ grip handle comes with replacement handles that can replace worn or broken grips on most machines. These handles are like the original ones, so you don’t need to buy separate replacements.

The rubber-made construction allows it to have excellent traction while also providing non-slip performance while working out, making it suitable for users who experience slipping in their workout routine due to sweat or different body movements during exercises.


  • Perfect for 1-inch handlebars
  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Extension may not be useful for larger handlebars

3. Origin8 Compe Lite Bar End

Origin8 Compe Lite Bar End.jpg
Source: Amazon

The lightweight alloy treadmill extension cord is made of aluminum, making it durable and corrosion-resistant. It is great for extending the handles on the treadmills for more exercise without buying additional weight plates.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent grip
  • Attachment knob helps it swivel and rotates, so you can also use it to exercise your arms
  • Allows you to use either hand, which means you can also use it for pull-ups, push-ups, and dips
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable compared to others


  • Extension handle may be too tight

4. Cybex 400T Treadmill Incline Extension Wire Harness

Source: Amazon

The incline treadmill extension wire harness is a popular Cyber brand used mostly on 400T treadmill models. The total length of the incline treadmill extension is 21″ (from the end of the shaft to the end). It is available only in one size and does not have an ON/OFF switch.

The cord comes with a rubber-encased insert that allows you to fix your cable without slipping. It comes with five resistance bands that can be used if you want to change your workout routine and include more exercises in your exercise routine.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • Can be used on additional exercise equipment models besides treadmills
  • Good customer support


  • May break easily

5. TreadLife Fitness Adjustable 5-Way Handles – Compatible with All Bowflex Models – Pair

TreadLife Fitness Adjustable 5-Way Handles - Compatible with All Bowflex Models - Pair
Source: Amazon

If you desire convenience, this product is for you. These treadmill handles come with bands of different colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that works best for your fitness level. These handlebars have a maximum weight capacity of 0.45 pounds.

Their materials are sturdy, allowing them to be used in a gym or at home when you want to increase resistance levels. The colors on the bands also allow users to increase their weight incrementally based on their workout routine and strength level.


  • The handles are more convenient than the regular grips
  • You can add more handles if you want to
  • Heavy-duty quality


  • The center tube may be thin

Can You Plug a Treadmill Into an Extension Cord?

A treadmill or fitness machine is electrical equipment. It has several electronic circuits that are required for its operation. A cable that is made to fit at the end of an extension cord might not reach the circuit board of your treadmill if the treadmill is placed too far from an outlet, especially if it has extension cords on both sides.

Therefore, you must get an extension cord that can fit at least 300 mm. You can use more than one of these extensions together with a single extension cord. This can protect the treadmill’s main board and save you from buying an extension cord that is too long for the space you’re in.


Treadmill extension handles are useful accessories for your home or gym treadmill. Above is what you all need, together with a catalog of the best treadmill extension handles for your shopping guide. To get started with your new exercise routine, consider the extension handles listed above.

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