How to Fit a Treadmill in the Car 

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By Simon Gould

When you buy a treadmill it’s usually delivered curbside or into the room of your choice. But what about if you’re moving apartment or home? At some point, you’re going to have to transport the treadmill a certain distance. The cheapest way to do it is to transport it there yourself. By doing this you may want to transport it by car, but will it fit?

Plan carefully

Apart from your home, a car is probably the next most expensive thing you’re bought. And the treadmill comes after that. So you don’t want to damage either. Therefore some planning will go a long way to get your treadmill transported successfully. The first thing to do is to take measurements and lots of them.

You have a big advantage if you have a folding treadmill. Then only one dimension is long. Whereas a non-folding treadmill has both the length and height to deal with. If you have the tools and are savvy you could dismantle the treadmill to make it fit and then reassemble it. Remember with some cars you can fold the seats down to make even more room.

Think about measuring the doors of your home as well. Electric treadmills can weigh up to 300 pounds and more. You’re going to need 2 or more people to lift it. As long as you take care, then transporting your treadmill should go according to plan. You may want to hire a bigger vehicle like a van that can transport large objects.

What cars can fit a treadmill?

Pickup truck – This is the most ideal vehicle for a treadmill. The open cargo bed means a treadmill of almost any size can fit, including those that don’t fold. If you’re looking to rent a car for the purpose, you can’t go wrong with one of these. Just remember to tie the treadmill down so it doesn’t move and get damaged.

SUV, Station Wagon, Minivan – These are the next best but you still need to get the measuring tape out. The rear hatch is enclosed which gives you a disadvantage. Usually, the seats can fold down which gives you more room. If you have one of these cars, a bit of planning will bring you success in fitting a treadmill in them.

Hatchback – These are smaller but still have a cargo area that may be able to take a treadmill with the seats folded down. You may need to disassemble it for one of these. They can certainly take the weight of even the heaviest treadmills, but the long decks are going to cause a problem for some. It may be better to rent another car.

Sedan, Coupe, Sports cars – Any car with a trunk is going to seriously struggle. Treadmills are usually around 64 inches or 5.3 feet long so you’d need a very wide car to take it. Some simple measurements will tell you for your personal treadmill and car. You may get away with fitting a treadmill in a convertible with some ingenuity.


A treadmill should fit in some cars. If you’ve done the measurements and you have enough people to lift it. Then you should know if it will fit it in your car. You should probably take a morning or afternoon to undertake the task. Perhaps you should move the treadmill to another day for the rest of your stuff as it will take a lot of time.

The easiest way to find out the dimensions and weight of your treadmill is to download the manual. Or you can download the instructions on how to assemble it. These manuals should be free from the manufacturer’s page if you haven’t kept yours. Overall with a bit of planning and care, transporting your treadmill in your car is possible.

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