Anxiety About Using A Treadmill? (How To Overcome It)

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By Simon Gould

You may have bought a treadmill and assembled it or you've got a membership to a gym club and are looking at using a treadmill. You want to get fit, active, healthy, lose weight or all of those things. Maybe you've just assembled one in your home and it needs to be tested and used.

Maybe you've had your gym club induction and the treadmill is the equipment you plan to use. They're a bit different to other types of fitness equipment. With an exercise bike, it's easy to just get on and start pedaling. With an elliptical it's much the same. It doesn't move unless you're pushing it yourself.

A treadmill requires a certain degree of bravery. You increase the speed the first time and you're not sure how fast it will go. Maybe you've got it to walking speed. Don't settle at that, you need to increase it further and actually have your feet leaving the running surface. This can be slightly daunting at first.

Embarrassment at the gym

Gyms can feel like the worst place for someone who's just beginning an exercise program especially if you've never been in one before. You think everyone's an expert and they all seem to know what they're doing. Some gym's are a bit quiet and you're afraid to ask for help.

The last thing you want you do in a busy gym is to fall off the treadmill. You can just imagine all the noise and commotion it will cause and what would people think? People might know you're a beginner and you'd have to do a walk of shame to another type of equipment that's easier to use. The embarrassment would be overwhelming.

The reality of using a treadmill

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you've bought a treadmill you could be on your own so it's all up to you. You need to get on and take the plunge. Don't just accept walking, you need to increase the speed and get jogging. It's like pushing off on a bike. Once you take a leap of faith on the treadmill, it becomes second nature.

At the gym everyone had to start somewhere too. If you ask for help fellow gym goer's are more than happy to help. They started somewhere just like you. If you ask someone for advice they will thoroughly enjoy sharing their expertise. That's what gym goer's are like. You have nothing to worry about using a treadmill in a gym.

Have confidence in your own ability or inability

Some gym goer's don't like the fact that they are running or walking slowly and everyone else seems to go quicker. Again, this is something you shouldn't worry about. Everyone is at their own stage in their fitness aims. Some lift heavy weights, some not. Some sprint on the treadmill, some don't.

Whether you're using a treadmill at home or in a gym a classic beginners mistake is going too fast. After you've overcome the anxiety about using the treadmill it's important to take things slowly. You're not going to achieve maximum fitness in one go. And running quicker will not get you there faster. You will just be frustrated that you can't run for very long.

Once you can comfortably run on a treadmill it opens up a whole world of fitness possibilities. There are numerous couch to 5k running plans that you can follow which will help you build up some fitness. These are designed for running outside or inside but are easier to follow on a treadmill. There's a timer in front of you on the treadmill console.

If you're someone who struggles with running, maybe you're overweight or of an older age. Don't be concerned about just walking on a treadmill. Some people will lose weight doing just that. If and when it becomes easier then add some incline if you still don't want to run.

Whatever you do make sure you get the most out of your treadmill. They and gym memberships cost a lot of money so make sure you get the most benefit from them.

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I'm Simon Gould. I've been around treadmills my whole life. From running on them at an early age to working in treadmill dept's of national stores. I've run outside and I've run on treadmills and I prefer running on treadmills. I still run on one nearly every day and love it.

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