Horizon T202 Treadmill: Features, Drawbacks and Specifications (2023 Updated)

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By Simon Gould

The Horizon T202 is the second in a line of budget treadmills from Horizon Fitness. These are designed for walking and light jogging. The warranty is good for the price so the maker clearly has faith in their product’s build and quality. It’s a modern treadmill with some of the latest technologies which make it enjoyable to use.

The first I’d like to mention is it has Bluetooth. This means it can connect to your tablet or phone and play the sounds from Netflix or other media through the built in speakers. There is also a USB port so you can charge your device as you workout. All this while it’s resting on the device rack. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the T202.

The Horizon T202 beats out the cheaper T101 quite easily in the speed stakes. It can go to 12 mph instead of 10. This is more than you need if walking and light jogging is all you’re doing. When you consider that walking is around 3 mph, 12 is more than enough. The incline has a raise also and goes to 12%, this is great for burning calories. You’ll be getting aerobic exercise walking on a steep incline.

While the top speed is generous, the motor is relatively small at 2.75 CHP. That’s why walking and jogging is all I recommend. The motor wouldn’t last very long at high speeds with this size of motor. Jogging is ok also due to the size of deck. At 60″ it can cater for a good stride. The T101 only has 55″ which is a big size difference. A lot of high end treadmills have 60″ so you could call that the sweet spot. Now for the features in my review:

Features of the Horizon T202 Treadmill

+ Featherlight Folding – The folding mechanism makes it easy to fold the T202 upright, so it takes up less space when not in use. The treadmill weighs 187 lbs so it is sturdy, but it won’t feel that weight when you lightly lift the back end for folding. It can do this because the mechanism is hydraulic, so you get some help with it.

+ Large Running Surface – At 60″ long, you can have a big stride whether you walk or jog and you’ll safely stay on the treadmill with confidence. Like I said before this is comparable to high end machines. The width is ok at 20″, I have seen bigger but you won’t be sprinting on the deck so you’ll be happy and safe with the feeling of that too.

+ Price And Free Shipping – At the time of writing the T202 is only $799. So it’s well under a thousand and you have free shipping. I sometimes think companies advertise a low price for their equipment, only to charge you a high shipping cost. You don’t need to worry about that with Horizon Fitness as all their cardio equipment is free to ship.

+ One Touch Speed And Incline Change – There’s nothing worse than keeping your finger on a key on the console for ages trying to change a setting. It’s not good for your walking or jogging form to do this. Horizon have thought of this with the T202, you have one touch quick change so you can concentrate on your exercise and not on the controls.

+ Free Subscription Sport App – You can download the sport app and control the T202 from your tablet. This is done using Bluetooth and is impressive when you think of how much the T202 costs. The Sport app sends your workout stats to popular fitness apps. Apps like Fitbit, MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal can show all your stats in a beautiful way.

+ High 325 lbs Weight Capacity – When you add the warranty with this weight capacity you can appreciate what a good treadmill it is. If the T202 can handle a person of 325 lbs, then this is a sturdy machine because that is a heavy weight. This means it will last and with the price being what it is, I think this makes the T202 well worth considering for your home.

+ Fan, Speakers and Pulse Grips – This is a cheaper treadmill and the features just keep coming. A nice fan to keep you cool while you exercise? Yes. Speakers to amplify the sound from your tablet? Yes. Pulse grips to measure your heart rate to see how hard you’re pushing yourself? Yes. It’s all here.

Drawbacks of the Horizon T202 Treadmill

 Display Partially Covered – If you use a tablet which I think most of us will do. Then the tablet you put on the rack will obscure part of the display. It doesn’t cover the important information like your speed or incline and you can move it at the end of your workout to see your totals. But still, Horizon must have been aware that this would happen when they designed it.

 Motor Has Low Power – The motor is 2.75 CHP and this is low compared to most. While you won’t be running at high speed so it doesn’t need to be very powerful. It still means it may not last as long as some with a better number. The motor is a critical part of a treadmill and I would like it to have been higher, although that would have affected the price.

Horizon T202 Treadmill Specifications

ModelHorizon T202
Sale Price$799 (December 2021)
Free ShippingYes
Treadmill Weight187 lbs
Motor2.75 CHP
Running Surface20″ x 60″
DisplayThree LED windows and backlit LCD screen
DimensionsL 75″ x W 34″ x H 58″
Max User Weight325 lbs
Workout Programs12
Speed0.5 to 12 mph
Incline0% to 12%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Motor
1 Years: Parts
1 Year: Labor

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review Summary

So with all these great features and minimal drawbacks and the T202 gets 4 stars in this review? While it’s great at what it does, I just recommend people get a more substantial treadmill and that means a more expensive one. At $799, this is a great value machine and if that’s all you have, and all you need is something to walk on, then go for it.

Horizon Fitness are owned by Johnson Health Tech and they make many brands of health and fitness equipment. They have a very good reputation so you can stand by a Horizon treadmill. Plus the good warranty, for such a low cost treadmill, is another reason to trust what could be an ideal piece of exercise equipment for you. I stand by this review and the 4 stars rating.

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