Tips To Get Your Home Treadmill Repaired

People getting their home treadmills repaired


By Simon Gould

You pay a lot of money for a treadmill and hopefully it get’s lots of use. However much you pay it can break down and for many reasons. There are lots of things that can go wrong. So what do you need to do when this happens and you have a treadmill that stops working? I’ll go through everything you need to do and how to get it repaired.

Before you get it repaired

Make a note of everything that happened before and when the treadmill stopped working. Write down what appears on the console and what you were doing. Does the belt just slow to a stop when you get on it? Is there an error message on the console? These are all important questions that could save you time and money, if you have the answers to hand.

Don’t immediately think of calling a professional out. A lot of problems can be solved yourself. A common issue is the treadmill belt not being lubricated. It needs to be lubricated every 3 to 6 months and the belt will struggle to go round if it hasn’t been done. It’s easy to lubricate a treadmill and could save you hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself.

Try unplugging the treadmill for 30 seconds and turning it back on. Try performing a factory reset to see if that solves the issue. The owners manual will help with any trouble shooting problems that may be experienced with your particular model. These can be found online if you can’t find yours. Some research online may well reveal a common issue and a way to resolve it.

See if the treadmill is under warranty

Unfortunately if it’s second hand the manufacturer’s warranty is usually non transferable. If you have an extended warranty and you’ve paid a small charge to have the owner transferred then you’re in luck. If you’re the first owner and you’re within the warranty period then you should be ok. Before calling the manufacturer there are a few more things you need to do.

Read the fine print of the warranty to check if your fault is covered. Sometimes normal wear isn’t, or if you use it in a garage. If you’ve tampered with the treadmill in any way, this can affect the warranty. Depending where you bought the machine it could be the store who does the repair and sometimes the manufacturer does it. Some brands do it differently so it’s always wise to check.

Sometimes you may have a labor warranty. Good treadmills usually have 1 or 2 years. If it’s under warranty and defective, then simply follow the instructions you’re told by whoever repairs the treadmill. Sometimes you may be asked to take the treadmill somewhere to get it repaired. Sometimes someone will do a house call. Hopefully the fine print has told you which you can expect.

Repairing outside of a warranty period

Here is where a repair can cost you and that’s why regular maintenance is such a good thing to do. If you have any knowledge of your equipment and you know exactly what’s wrong, you could always buy the part and repair it yourself. There are guides all over the web on how fit parts to treadmills. Here is a useful resource for repair help to try and diagnose the problem.

If you’re looking for treadmill repair company. A google search of treadmill repair near me, will get you the results for your area. When you get to your local repair technicians, study the reviews a repair company gets and study their website. Repairs can cost a lot of money so you want to choose the right one. There are some key questions you should have on the call.

Some questions for the repair company – Tell them the problem and ask if they recognize it as a common issue and what normally solves it. You need to find out if a repair can be done in your home or if it has to be taken somewhere. If at home, what are the fees for the housecall. Find out how much an hourly fee is and how long they predict the work could take. If they will bring any parts if they suspect a common problem.

Is the treadmill cost effective to repair?

A treadmill can last up to 12 years and longer if it’s well looked after. But if you’re constantly doing repairs and the treadmill is old. You need to decide if it’s worth replacing the whole thing rather than throwing more money at it. A good treadmill technician will tell you if a repair is worth it or not. Ask him the general condition of the treadmill and his opinion on how much longer it could last.

Something like a replacement motor can cost up to $500 when you factor in labor as well. With good treadmills at $999 and upwards, think about whether the repair is worth it. For a treadmill just outside it’s warranty, see if you can get the manufacturer to repair it for free as a gesture of goodwill, or get some money off. A big brand will often do this and it never hurts to ask.

Make sure you maintain your treadmill

If you properly maintain the treadmill, you’ll get to know it well and it’s parts. There are things you can do to help look after it after every use, weekly, monthly and more. Here is a home treadmill maintenance schedule anyone can do. A part of this is removing the motor cover and vacuuming in and around the motor. Dust can harm a treadmill over time.

What I often recommend to treadmill owners, is to have an annual service and inspection by a treadmill technician. They can clean the parts you can’t reach and see if any are showing wear and need replacing. This could prevent problems occurring in the future and may be a worthwhile investment. If you do get it repaired, you could ask the technician to inspect and clean the treadmill while he’s there.

Final thoughts

You may be better off getting a local company to do your repair as no doubt they would be cheaper. Ask people you know if they know of any treadmill repair people and you may have someone recommended to you. Getting a treadmill repaired is inconvenient especially if you’re a regular user. But it’s worth doing as a treadmill can last up to 12 years and more if it’s properly looked after.

Over the age of your treadmill it may need repairs every so often. While some may never need extra attention, unfortunately some fitness equipment goes wrong and needs maintenance or repair. However, by following a few tips above, it doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience. Sometimes it can be done yourself or cheaply by others. Then you can be back on your treadmill as soon as possible.

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