Losing Weight On A Treadmill After 6 Weeks

Treadmill running to lose weight after 6 weeks

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By Simon Gould

Treadmills are great for weight loss because they have the ability to burn so many calories. You can walk or run and the calorie burn can be measured so you can keep track of your weight loss. The actual amount of calories burned will depend on how much you weigh to begin with and the activity you’re doing.

A certain amount of calories burned is equal to a number of pounds lost in weight. So it’s just a case of having a calorie deficit every week for 6 weeks. Then you can forecast how much weight the treadmill will have lost you in that time. Here we’ll go through that, give you some workouts and tell you how much weight you can lose in 6 weeks.

How much weight you will lose in 6 weeks on a treadmill

If you do everthing I said below in this article, you’ll have a 1,000 calorie a day deficit. That is equal to 7,000 calories per week. This deficit would give you exactly 2 pounds of weight loss per week. This is achievable and many who lose weight report this amount. You just need a to get on a treadmill consisitently.

Two pounds a week is 12 pounds after 6 weeks. That is for the combined exercise and diet method. They each have their own importance to the overall program. That 2 pounds per week is an estimate, larger people will have a more rapid weight loss while lighter people may lose weight more slowly. Two pounds a week is regarded as a safe weight loss amount.

How many calories per pound of weight

You need to have a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose a pound of weight. When you consider you need to eat around 2,000 calories per day that sounds like quite a lot because you can’t starve yourself. When you also consider that running burns around 130 calories every 10 minutes then 3,500 looks like an even bigger number.

The best way to result in a calorie deficit is to eat less and exercise. The combination has shown to be far better at losing you weight than trying each way on their own. A treadmill is perfect at burning calories. It burns the most out of all the cardio equipment and involves something anyone can do which is walking and running.

Losing weight on a treadmill

If training on a treadmill for 30 minutes burns around 400 calories for the average person jogging at 5 mph. You would need to do this 5 times a week, Monday to Friday. Then that totals 2,000 calories. That gives you an excellent start when it comes to losing weight. The heavier you are to begin with the more calories 30 minutes on a treadmill burns.

Do whatever you can on the treadmill that makes you breath heavy and start perspiring. Even if it means walking at first. Use the incline and get some work done. Set the speed so it’s hard for yourself, ignore how fast other people say they go. It’s when you get to regularly exercising for 30 minutes a day that faster weight loss kicks in.

There are many treadmill workout plans that will help you lose weight. We have devised a few here. Be sure to adjust them if you have some experience in running on a treadmill already, it’s all about working up to a 6 week weight loss program:

Losing weight with your diet

We’re losing weight on the treadmill so now we need to add to the calorie deficit by losing weight through what we eat. We need to eat enough calories so you get your much needed nutrients to get you through the day. But we also need to eat less than normal to lose weight. We need to eat fewer portions and or less snacks.

A woman needs 2,000 calories per day and a man 2,500. So if we have a calorie deficit in our diet of 500 calories less than what we need to eat. A woman would consume 1,500 calories and a man 2,000. This combined with the treadmill routines will leave about a 1,000 calories per day deficit. If you consider it takes 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound of weight the you are well on your way to making your goal.

What to do after 6 weeks

If you’ve stuck to a running plan after 6 weeks you should be able to run a good distance and at a good speed. You may have worked up to this over the 6 week period. You will have had a good deal of weight loss in that time. Perhaps you timed it so you would go on vacation after those 6 weeks and you’re close to the body you want.

Why stop now, if it’s taken you so much work after 6 weeks why not enjoy the health benefits you get from exercising by still doing it. Keep going and enjoy looking more toned and maybe reaching your ideal weight. Carry on running and eat what you need to maintain the weight. Your body and mind will thank you and other people will notice.

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