How to Lose Weight on the Treadmill 

Treadmill running to lose weight


By Simon Gould

The treadmill is the ideal equipment to get you slim and your body toned. For slimming the exercise from walking, jogging or running will get your waist and butt slim. The incline features will get you toned and shapely legs and thighs. I’ll go through each of the exercises here to get you the slimmer figure you want, just with a treadmill.

Walk and run for a slimmer waist

To get rid of most of the size around the waist and midriff the exercise to do on the treadmill is cardiovascular in nature. Walking or running for a period of time will burn calories. Just 10 minutes will burn around a 100 calories. It takes 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of weight. That weight will primarily come from your waist.

Combine exercising on a treadmill will a healthy diet and your waist will get slimmer quicker. The combination of the 2 has been shown to decrease your waist size better than either activity on it’s own. If you haven’t done much exercise on the treadmill before try our couch to 5k plan and if you do have some experience and want to shift those extra pounds try our treadmill running plan for weight loss.

Use the incline for slimmer legs, thighs and butt

The incline is useful whether you walk or run. It’s able to really work the lower part of the body and get’s it into shape. You’ll be going uphill and at quite an incline. The more you feel it working the right area of your body the better it’s doing at making you slimmer. You’ll be building muscle and burning fat in your legs, thighs and butt.

A good incline plan for this would begin with a 5 minute warm up. Then walk or run at a 2% incline for 2 minutes. Then increase it to 4% for 2 minutes. Then 6% up to 10%. You’ll find this increasingly difficult and if not then walk or run a little faster. This will take 10 minutes and by the end you should really feel you’ve had a good workout. If you can go on for longer then give it a go.

Do both for twice the results with interval training

You can do the run for a period of time and alternate with an incline for double the results. This is called interval training and it’s ideal for giving you a slimmer body. This involves running at an easy pace and then raising the incline up briefly and then back down to recover. This combination is proven to be more effective than each on their own.

A good interval session for slimming would be a 5 minutes warm up. Then a 3 minute walk or run and the next 3 minutes on a 2% incline. Then you alternate the two. So you’d go from running on an incline to running on a flat surface and then back again with a cool down afterwards. This interval training will do wonders to your physique and you’ll notice the effect.

Measure your results

To see results do this on a regular basis. Weigh yourself weekly at the same day and time. You will see your weight go down a lot at first then reduce more slowly. Don’t be disheartened because you may be gaining muscle as well which weighs more than body fat. More muscle will help the appearance of your lower body.

While you’re weighing yourself at the same time and day weekly. Do the same with measuring your waist. Over time you will see this number change. You may see this number go down quicker than your weight. You’ll need to replace some clothing if you stick to the routine as you’ll see weight and inches fall off your body.

The great thing about losing weight and getting slim is you will see it on your whole body. Not only your waist but your face will start getting a slimmer, more beautiful shape. If you have fat anywhere like the back of your upper arms and your arms as a whole, everywhere will see benefits and results. It’s not only you who will notice.

Friends and family will probably notice before you do. This will really encourage you to keep exercising and make a lifestyle change. It doesn’t matter when you get on a treadmill, you can do your exercise in 10 minute chunks if you want and at any time of day. Just do it regularly, I would say 3 or more times per week.

Include the diet too

To get the results you want, you may have to adjust your diet as well. If you’re consuming thousands of calories then you could be undoing any good that exercise is having on you. You still get the health benefits and there are a lot of them but you may not see as many weight loss results. You will also see those results faster.

Stick to 3 main meals and 2 light snacks per day. You may feel a bit hungry sometimes but then a meal or snack is never far away, so do try and resist eating extra. I am testament to all this working. I lost 30 pounds by running on a treadmill and eating sensibly. That weight fell off everywhere, I am visibly slimmer than before.


This new lifestyle of exercising and eating right is a big commitment. But to get slimmer and make it last that is what it will take. Don’t forget to keep exercising when you reach an ideal weight and body shape to maintain your results. If you have your own treadmill, even better as there’s no excuse because it’s in your home.

Whether you walk or run remember you’re not the 100 meter record holder Usain Bolt, you don’t need to go fast at all. You’ll still burn calories and get slim no matter how fast you go. Like I said before the trick is to do it often. After a while you’ll start enjoying it. Know that in a matter of months, there will be a new slimmer you to enjoy.

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