Tips On Testing Your Treadmill Motor

Women testing their treadmill motor

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By Simon Gould

The treadmill motor is the heart of the machine. Without it, the belt doesn’t move and you don’t move when you turn it on. As with other components if the treadmill motor is overheating or faulty it’s a case of replacing the motor. There is no need to buy a new treadmill. Some motors have lifetime warranties on them, you will need to check with the manufacturer if this is the case with your machine.

Removing the cover and testing the motor

This requires some degree of technical expertise and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone who’s unsure or not confident in what they’re doing. The first and most important part is to unplug the treadmill from the outlet. Then you need to remove the motor cover. You’ll need a screwdriver and there should be a few screws either side of the motor and then remove the cover to reveal the motor.

Now the motor is available to you, you need to locate the 2 wires which connect to the power supply. You need to disconnect these. This is why you need some electrical expertise ideally to undertake this procedure. Using a battery, like a car or cordless drill, connect the wires to the battery briefly to check the motor turns.

It doesn’t matter if you connect the power wires the wrong way the motor will just run backward. Don’t leave the power connected to the battery for too long. This is just a check to see that the motor is not the problem if you have a fault. If the motor doesn’t turn then it is likely it will need to be replaced.

When you’re done, replace the motor and the wires and components. Don’t leave them open to the dirt and grime that could collect on them. When you’re organizing the repair or replacement, let the technician know on the phone and when they arrive the steps you’ve taken. Then the engineer can do the repair for you and your treadmill will begin working again.

If the treadmill motor definitely doesn’t work

You need to consider if it’s cost-effective to replace it. A good treadmill can last up to 12 years if it’s well looked after. If yours is very old, then it may be worth replacing the whole treadmill with a new one. Rather than throwing money at a machine that could develop other problems in the near future. Even a lifetime motor warranty may not cover wear and tear.

Maintaining the treadmill motor

Taking the cover off the treadmill motor is something you should be doing regularly. As part of normal treadmill maintenance, you should be vacuuming inside the motor cover. If it’s working when you’ve tested it, then some maintenance while the cover is off is a good idea. The motors aren’t very powerful, being only around 2 to 3 horsepower, but vital for a working treadmill.

Whenever you vacuum the home, consider doing the treadmill motor as well by removing the cover. Once every 2 weeks is a good number to aim for. There’s a lot of dust buildup in the motor compartment. Be careful around the wires and the control board. A regular maintenance schedule is a must to follow. There are procedures you can do every week, month, and more. Here is my¬†treadmill maintenance schedule.

We have one more additional tip for you: If you are planning to be a treadmill owner, make sure you buy a surge protector for your treadmill. Treadmills are vulnerable to power surges and require protection from them while in operation.

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