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By Simon Gould

Treadmills are like appliances, they have a motor, take up a lot room and can go wrong every once in a while. They are big machines that generate heat as well as movement through the motor. Nearly every item that uses electricity generates heat as a side effect even light bulbs. But what do you do if you notice something wrong with the treadmill and there's a burning smell?

Safety first

Protect your home from going up in flames, this is the most important thing. If it is safe to do so, unplug the treadmill. In a room with a treadmill, you ought to have installed a smoke alarm. This protects your home while you're around the machine or not, maybe one of your family are using it. Treadmills are powerful machines in the home and need to be taken care of.

Check all around the machine to see if the smoke isn't a sign that something is going wrong under the hood. Depending on how long you've had the treadmill it should be regularly maintained. This includes cleaning the machine after every use, tightening any screws and bolts and lubricating the deck every 3 months or so.

Check the components

We need to determine which part of the treadmill has the burning smell. So with it unplugged, go round the treadmill to see if you can determine where the smell is coming from. If this doesn't help take off the motor cover and you may be able to see if any wires are fused together from overheating or any other damage is visible.

The belt is where you may find a burning smell due to the friction of the belt touching the deck. If it hasn't been lubricated then this could be the source of the friction. The belt needs to be powered by the motor and pass through the belt smoothly and friction free. There could be an electrical short circuit that caused the smell, this can come from the motor, console or wiring.

Final procedures

If you find no problem you may want to contact an electrician to see if they can find something wrong. You may want to see a treadmill fitness equipment professional who may be able to see what is wrong with the treadmill. If it still works after the smell then that is something you need to mention to anyone who can repair it.

Always check with the manual that came with the machine as there should be a trouble shooting guide. This will tell you what to do if something goes wrong, phone or email the manufacturer to see if you can get any advice there. If there continues to be a burning smell then discontinue use and wait for a technician to come round, then your treadmill can be repaired fully.

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