Horizon Elite T7 Treadmill: Features, Drawbacks and Specifications (2023 Updated)

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By Simon Gould

The Horizon Elite T7 is a treadmill that costs in the $1,500 range and is feature rich. With a machine like this you’re looking for some high end qualities that will get you enjoying your workout. This treadmill represents a real step up in model and it shows by the subtle improvements you’ll find. This treadmill is not cheap and Horizon know that and have made sure you’re well looked after.

The maximum user weight is 350 lbs and this is what you’ll find higher end treadmills have. In order to do this it has to be well made and constructed using durable materials. This is even better when you consider that it’s folding. It’s display is bigger than the previous model but not as big as the next so you get what you pay for. They both still accurately show the information you need as you go.

The usual Horizon features can be found like the ViaFit technology to download your workout data and share it on popular fitness apps with friends. The “Passport Ready” is a feature I really like and it’s included on this Elite T7. You can have a home TV show your workout going through some of the most famous destinations around the world. As you speed up or slow down your progress through these destinations does the same. It’s really quite good.

The rollers are bigger to help the belt and motor last longer through the same amount of use. The speakers are there as you’d expect in a treadmill like this. As you’ll see further in this review the Elite T7 is aimed at those who are serious about their fitness and well being. Whether you want to lose weight or live a healthier life you can do both with confidence on a treadmill that’s made for regular use.


+ 15% Incline – This is the standard amount for high end treadmills and you get it here on the Elite T7. This is especially good for power walkers who like to build and tone leg muscles. Walking and running on an incline can be tough and it’s meant to be. A great workout can be had by introducing into your exercise routine.

+ Free Polar Chest Strap – These are very accurate heart rate monitors and Polar make the best. The treadmill reads your heart rate from the strap and shows it to you as you run. This can give you vital information as you exercise. If you calculate your maximum (220 – age) then run at a percentage of that maximum then you’ll really build your cardiovascular fitness.

+ 42 Workout Programs – As the Horizon treadmill gets better so does the amount of programs. I always like to see as many as possible. They are a great way of giving you variety in your runs and shows you something you may not have thought of before. These really can give the incline a good go and help advance your fitness and weight loss.

+ 2.75 CHP Motor – This Elite T7 is an improvement over the model below with this bigger motor. It means it can take any stress you put on it in an easier way. Like sprint training you need a powerful motor to do that regularly. I would still like it a little bigger perhaps but any improvement is a good one and this should be good enough for most people.

+ Infinity Belt – This is exclusive Horizon Fitness technology. They say the belt is virtually maintenance free due to synthetic hard wax being introduced into the belt fibers. This sounds good but I’ve been around treadmills a long time and I would still lubricate this regularly like any other belt just in case. A little help within it’s construction though is always good.

+ 5 Year Parts Warranty – Warranties are very important when it comes to treadmills and the Elite T7 doesn’t disappoint. The lifetime on the frame and motor is expected at this price range, one year labor is too. Five year parts is good, I’m sure you’ll agree the longer the better. Parts can fail even on well made equipment so here you’re protected.

+ 8.5″ LCD Screen – These displays get bigger and bigger as we go. This is nice and big and clear to read. It’s a blue LCD like the model below but there’s more of it. It shows you pace as you workout. This is an important one as we all like to compare how fast we go when we run or jog. It’s also useful as a guideline to what our potential race times could be.


 Heavy Treadmill – This Elite T7 weighs 227 lbs so now we’re getting into the territory where 2 or more people are needed to move it. Try and set it up in a place that it will never need to be moved is my recommendation. Horizon will deliver it for free and into your home. From there you might need some help to place it into your room of choice.

 Labor Warranty – This warranty is one year which is good but there is a drawback for some people in the US. If you live in a rural part of the country it may not apply to your location. Check with Horizon directly if you’re included otherwise you may have to pay for the labor part of any repairs. Most people shouldn’t need to worry but better to be safe than sorry.


ModelHorizon Elite T7
Motor2.75 CHP
Running Surface20″ x 60″
Display8.5″ Blue LCD
DimensionsL 77″ x W 36″ x H 60″
Max User Weight350 lbs
Workout Programs42
Speed0.5 to 12 mph
Incline0% to 15%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Motor
5 Years: Parts
1 Year: Labor

Review summary

For exercising in the home you won’t go far wrong with the Elite T7 treadmill. It gives you a great option to run inside if the weather is too bad for your outside run. Just hop on and go. You’ll enjoy trying out all the features it has and do consider the Passport one as described earlier. It was a struggle to find drawbacks on this machine and at the price it should appeal to many.

As you can see by the review the Elite T7 is a good treadmill. Horizon are a good make and all their treadmills get good marks. When thinking about purchasing I would think about this one or the Elite T9. This T7 is $1,499 and the T9 is $1,899 and they’re both very good so it’s a case of which one you can afford, you’ll get a good machine which ever you go for.

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