Matrix TF30 Treadmill: Features, Drawbacks and Specifications (2023 Updated)


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By Simon Gould

The Matrix TF30 is part of a range of treadmills that are aimed at the home but at the higher end of the market. The TF30 is the cheapest one of these and it’s over $2,000. Matrix normally make equipment for facilities and gyms but now they’ve used their expertise for home equipment. The warranty it has is an in home warranty.

The TF30 is a high spec treadmill that folds, it weighs a lot at 282 lbs, but the special folding mechanism assists you in unfolding and folding making it far easier than the unit weight suggests. The belt is one of the most important parts of the treadmill because it’s the part you have contact with is 2 ply and thick.

Further about the belt and cushioning is that you have a lifetime warranty on the cushioning. This is what makes treadmills so much kinder to your body that running outside and if it fails, then you’re protected. The width of the running surface is 20″ and this is what you’d expect in a treadmill of this price, it’s standard.

The maximum user weight is 350 lbs, this is good for a folding treadmill but I have seen higher for the same cost. This weight should be good for most people who want a home machine. I can imagine if you’re close to this weight you’d be walking on treadmills to lose weight before you run. These machines are great for weight loss as the review below shows.

Features of the Matrix TF30 Treadmill

+ 4 Wheel Transport System – It’s great to have a high end treadmill folding but once you have folded it up, you can transport it around the room. There are 4 wheels beneath it so when it’s folded it can be moved anywhere you wish. You won’t need to drag it across the floor potentially damaging the floor or carpet.

+ 12.5 mph Top Speed & 15% incline – Good treadmills for the home typically have these stats. The TF30 doesn’t disappoint if you include interval training in your workout routines. Any kind of speed work can be done on this machine with confidence because the speed and motor can take it. The incline is a good too.

+ Ultimate Deck System – I’ve already talked about how good the belt and cushioning are and Matrix have introduced a new technology in their Ultimate Deck System. They’ve used industrial grade cushions so the deck can last for years and miles of heavy pounding it’s been bought for. What’s more the cushioning has a lifetime warranty.

+ 3.25 CHP Motor – This is the sort of motor that is designed to cope with serious runners who normally run outside but are using the Matrix TF30 instead. This is why it helps to have a good maximum speed and the motor recalibrates for every footfall, so your run is smooth and comfortable at whatever pace you choose to go.

+ 1″ Deck – All Matrix treadmills have this thickness of deck. This varies a lot by manufacturer and the thicker the better. This combined with the deck system and belt means you’re very looked after during every use. The deck is durable and has been made to be like that. A lot of attention has gone into making it appeal to all runners.

+ Choice of 3 Consoles – These are specially made for the Matrix line of equipment and each one is better than the other. It’s depending on which console you choose as to how many workout programs the treadmill can do. They all come wi-fi enabled and capable of doing the Sprint 8 program. I’ve gone through each of them in my review below:

  • XR – This is the basic console and is included in the base price. It’s an 8.5″ LCD and comes with 6 workout programs. There is ViaFit connectivity and Passport ready so you can run through different locations, at a cost. It’s still a good console that gives you plenty of information about your workout.
  • XER – This is the next step up and is a 10″ touchscreen. The better consoles means it can do a lot more. This one and the one above comes with Virtual Active where you are shown a course from a location around the world on the screen and you run through it. It’s a great addition to help you enjoy your workouts even more.
  • XIR – This is the best console and is a big 16″ HD touchscreen. Of course you get the Virtual Active courses which will look even better in HD. It has the most entertainment, the most workout tracking information, the most workout programs and the most workout feedback. The features really are quite something and further info can be found on the Matrix website.

Drawbacks of the Matrix TF30 Treadmill

 Shorter Deck – 55″ will be enough for most people but if you’re tall and have a long stride then you may prefer a little bit bigger. The other Matrix treadmills all have 60″ except this one. New runners may prefer a longer deck as well in case they’re not so confident about running on treadmills. Otherwise you’ll get used to the deck and won’t notice the difference after a while.

 No Heart Rate Chest Strap – This Matrix TF30 can read your heart rate through the contact grips and it can read a wireless heart rate monitor. It just doesn’t include one as part of the price. You’re paying good money for this treadmill and the straps aren’t very expensive. I really like running with a heart rate monitor and I think it’s a shame they couldn’t include one here.

Matrix TF30 Treadmill Specifications

ModelMatrix TF30
Motor3.25 CHP
Running Surface20″ x 55″
DisplayChoice of 3 – (XR, XER & XIR)
DimensionsL 77″ x W 35″ x H 62″
Max User Weight350 lbs
Workout ProgramsVaries by Console
Speed0.5 to 12.5 mph
Incline0% to 15%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Motor
Lifetime: Cushioning
5 Years: Parts
2 Years: Labor

Matrix TF30 Treadmill Review Summary

The TF30 has some very good reviews across the web. One in particular rates it as their 3rd best. This is high praise and it is a very good treadmill. If I was going to choose between the 2 folding Matrix treadmills it is difficult to pick which one I prefer. If cost is a big factor then this one is the cheaper if you call $2,499 cheap. The TF50 is $300 more.

The choice of console is an individual one. If you just want a treadmill to run and don’t care too much for the extra thrills then the basic XR is the one. If you want to run through fancy courses that respond to your speed then go for one of the better ones. They come at a cost so it’s really up to you. Overall the TF30 is a very good treadmill like the rest of the Matrix range.

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