Matrix T70 Treadmill: Features, Drawbacks and Specifications


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By Simon Gould

The Matrix T70 is a non folding treadmill that comes with a special motor. It’s industrial grade and yet is made for the home. The motor gets a lot of use when it comes to treadmills, so it’s good to see such a motor on an in home piece of equipment. Commercial machines have a motor like this so it bodes well for the T70 and how long it will last.

One big decision to make about the T70 is your choice of 3 consoles. Each one is a step up in performance from the other. The XR is the basic model that comes with the price of the treadmill. It has a large screen which shows your workout data. It has several workout programs and features many of the exclusive Matrix technologies that help make their treadmills worth buying.

All the consoles have the ViaFit technology where you can collect your workout data onto the latest fitness apps and see your data made into a graph. They all come with the Sprint 8 program which is high intensity interval training routine on a treadmill. The XER is one step up from the basic and has more features to enjoy and a touchscreen display, the XIR is the best console and has a 16″ HD touchscreen display.

The consoles all have workout programs and feedback and these get better with each console. Matrix have an impressive line of treadmills in that they all have a 2 year labor warranty like this one. They all have at least 350 lbs of user capacity and this one is 400. This T70 is their flagship treadmill and as such it boasts their best features which I’ll go through further in the review below.


+ Commercial Grade Motor – It is 3.0 CHP AC which may not sound so much but when you consider it is AC, it can generate far more power at lower revs than conventional motors. It does this by turning the motor using magnetic fields rather than your normal DC motors. For this reason it needs a NEMA outlet to work and comes with a NEMA cord.

+ 22″ Surface Width – You normally see a width of 20″ on high end treadmills but the T70 is bigger. With this width the whole family can get some use out of it. Even those beginners who are not so confident can run knowing that the running surface is big. Sprinting can be done with less worry that the surface will end.

+ Workout Tracking – Matrix have built their treadmills to log your workout for you via a smartphone or tablet. This can also track the workouts you do outside or on another type of cardio machine. The T70 is wi-fi enabled so you don’t have to log your exercise, it’s done for you and you can share this with others or add it to your favorite fitness apps.

+ Waxed Belt – Unlike the other Matrix treadmills the T70 belt is waxed meaning it needs far less lubrication because of this. You normally have to lube every 3 months or so and I would still check this belt to see if it needs it just in case. A normal maintenance schedule will greatly increase the treadmill’s life.

+ Sound System – A sound system is nothing new for treadmills these days. But the Matrix T70 XER and XIR consoles are able to connect to Youtube, Netflix and Hulu as well as a jack for an MP3 player. This means you can watch your favorite Netflix shows and use headphones to hear it or have it played directly in front of you on the supplied speakers.

+ Heavy Duty Welded Frame – Welded frames are far better than those connected with nuts and bolts. It costs more to do but you get a far sturdier construction. That is why the T70 frame has a lifetime warranty and the unit weighs a massive 304 lbs. It’ non folding so make sure you set it up where you want it. As you can see the T70 is made to last.

+ Power Incline – As shown in the picture below the incline is very stable and goes up to 15%. This is perfect for those who want to copy the incline of a race course on the treadmill, you could use the custom programs to do that. In any case the incline will get your leg muscles working in a different way which help your core stability and balance.


 No Commercial Warranty – For a treadmill with a commercial motor and such a great pedigree, it seems strange not to have a commercial warranty. I think the T70 would be ideal in a commercial setting but Matrix don’t back up that assertion with an appropriate warranty. This doesn’t make it any less good for the home.

 Passport Player – This is like a station you can buy and connects the treadmill to your TV. It plays famous locations around the world that move as though you’re running through them. It’s a great feature but it’s an additional extra, along with a cost ($199). The XER and XIR consoles have the ability to play this on their screen if you don’t mind it on a smaller display.


ModelMatrix T70
Motor3.0 CHP AC
Running Surface22″ x 60″
DisplayChoice of 3 – (XR, XER & XIR)
DimensionsL 79″ x W 36″ x H 61″
Max User Weight400 lbs
Workout ProgramsVaries by Console
Speed0.5 to 12.5 mph
Incline0% to 15%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Motor
Lifetime: Cushioning
7 Years: Parts
2 Years: Labor


If there’s anything this review has shown, it is that the Matrix T70 is a formidable treadmill. They can last for years if looked after right and I think this T70 could be one for years to come. It’s been made with high end components with a view to withstand regular and thorough use in the home. The warranty backs this up too.

The choice of console is up to you to research and choose as you wish. I would say though it would be a shame not to go for something better than the basic XR display attached to one of the best treadmills. This is what the T70 is and reviews across the web have agreed with this.

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