Matrix T50 Treadmill: Features, Drawbacks and Specifications (2023 Updated)


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By Simon Gould

The Matrix T50 is a non folding treadmill that comes with a lot of features. Matrix usually make machines for facilities and gyms and now they’ve ventured into home equipment. They’ve used their expertise to create a line which is all high end and they’ve borrowed from their club ethos with some quality treadmills on offer. I’ll explain how in my review below.

One of the first things you’ll need to consider is which console to go for, from the 3 on offer. The XR is the basic one and comes at no extra cost. It comes with workout programs including the Sprint 8 program. It is also Passport ready which means you can get a Passport Player and have your TV display a stunning running location for you to travel through as you go.

The other 2 consoles are XER and XIR and they come at an extra cost. They are both larger and are touchscreens. Instead of your TV they can display the locations on your console without the need of paying for the Passport Player. They even connect to Facebook, Youtube, Hulu, MyfitnessPal, Netflix, Twitter and more. The XIR also comes with a web browser so you can surf the internet while you exercise.

The warranty on all Matrix treadmills make them a good choice. This one has a lifetime for the frame, motor and cushioning, 7 years parts and 2 years of labor. There is no commercial warranty it’s only for the home. You get the little extras I like to see like heart rate grips, water bottle pockets and aluminum side rails and they all make a little difference to your workout.

Features of the Matrix T50 Treadmill

+ Smaller Footprint – The T50 is non folding which is why it has a smaller assembled size than other folding treadmills. You need to decide if you want one that folds into a smaller space or a non folding machine that doesn’t. The difference once assembled and unfolded is inches but you may have a small gym room in the home.

+ 2 Year Labor Warranty – This is the maximum you usually see in treadmills and the T50 is no different. You are able to boost the parts or labor warranty for an extra charge. I think the 5 year labor one is the best value. It costs $159.99 and includes failure due to wear and tear and full replacement machine where necessary.

+ Passport Ready – As said in the review above the basic console is passport ready so you can purchase a passport player. With this you have your run played through exotic destinations which speed up and slow down as you do on the treadmill. This would be shown in HD on your TV or it’s built into the XER and XIR consoles.

+ Variable Response Cushioning – This is an exclusive Matrix technology. The deck has 3 zones that react to your feet as you run. The first is the landing zone and provides the most cushioning. The next is the transition which is your feet staying on the deck and back to the push off zone. This supports you as you run.

+ 2.4″ Roller Size – The rollers can be found on each end of the deck and the belt goes round them. On this T50 the front and back are 2.4″ as many can often be a different size. The bigger the rollers the better generally, as the belt has more contact with them and your exercise is more smooth and true.

+ Lighter Than The Folding TF50 – This T50 and the TF50 are nearly identical except the fact this one is non folding. Because of that it’s over 30 lbs lighter. It’s also $100 cheaper as the special folding mechanism is not used. So it’s your decision as to what to choose if you’re keen on what you see here.

Drawbacks of the Matrix T50 Treadmill

 No Cooling Fans – Not the biggest drawback ever but the console doesn’t have them. You may have air conditioning but you may need more to keep you cool as you run. They are a common feature on treadmills but you won’t find them here no matter which console you choose. You’ll have to buy a fan instead if you really want one.

 Wi-Fi Maybe Unreliable – One or two customers have reported that the wi-fi could be more reliable. They want to sync their workout data to their smartphones and it sometimes doesn’t happen. This is not a problem with the XER and XIR consoles as they have a USB port. This is not common but worth noting.

Matrix T50 Treadmill Specifications

ModelMatrix T50
Motor3.25 CHP
Running Surface20″ x 60″
DisplayChoice of 3 – (XR, XER & XIR)
DimensionsL 78″ x W 36″ x H 61″
Max User Weight400 lbs
Workout ProgramsVaries by Console
Speed0.5 to 12.5 mph
Incline0% to 15%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Motor
Lifetime: Cushioning
7 Years: Parts
2 Years: Labor

Matrix T50 Treadmill Review Summary

I’ve established in the review above that your choice is this Matrix T50 or the TF50 as one folds and one doesn’t. Your choice is also between the consoles too. They increase the price by $500 each as you go up the standard of the console. The latter 2 also provide you with a Polar heart rate chest strap.

Where entertainment is concerned the 2 special consoles are more than ready to provide that. Although with a treadmill in the home I’m sure you’d set up a TV in the wall in front of you. Or a sound system playing motivational music. Either way there is more to be had with this treadmill than the running alone.

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