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Matrix TF50 Treadmill Review

Matrix TF50 TreadmillMatrix TF50 Treadmill
Rating : 5
Folding : Yes
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The Matrix TF50 is a high end folding treadmill. It's the best that Matrix make. They're known for their commercial machines but now they're being made for the home. It's feature rich for what treadmills can offer. The speed, incline, maximum user weight and more are all at the peak they can be and there's more.

The motor is a powerful 3.25 CHP which is capable of out performing many other treadmills. Because the motor is generous the top speed and incline can be used without fear that the motor can't take it. For those who want a good run and to take their workouts to another level then the TF50 is like the step up you need. Reviews across the web have agreed with this.

Matrix TF50 Treadmill Console

A lot of the features come down to your choice of console. The first console (XR) comes with the treadmill at no extra cost. The other consoles (XER & XIR) come at a further cost but make a big difference to what your machine can do. Whether it's more workouts, an HD touchscreen or workout courses from around the world shown on your console as you exercise. They're worth looking into.

Matrix have used plenty of their exclusive technologies in the TF50. The ultimate deck system is one of them. Industrial grade cushioning means your workouts are always the kindest they can be to your joints and muscles. A run inside on a treadmill doesn't mean you have to take it easy when you have technology like this. Further in this review I'll explain the other technologies it has and how these can benefit you.


+ 400 lbs Maximum User Capacity - This is higher than the model before it and is the biggest you find in home treadmills. The machine has to be very sturdy to withstand a weight like this and that means it's likely to last and it will last longer the lower you weigh. The unit weight is 298 lbs so the Matrix TF50 is big too.

+ 7 Year Parts Warranty - I'm used to seeing 5 year parts on high end treadmills so 7 is good. These machines are lasting longer and longer these days so companies can be confident with their longer warranties. It also has 2 years labor which is standard for the cost but still good to see. Warranties are important and the TF50 doesn't let you down.

+ 60" Long Deck - The model below was 55" and while that is probably ok for most people I think bigger is better. A long deck means if you're tall and have a long stride you should still be ok. Because of this the treadmill is 4" longer so don't forget to use that in your calculations for where the TF50 might go. Don't forget it's folding too.

+ Sprint 8 - This is loaded into every console and is like high intensity interval training. This has the capacity to improve your fitness drastically in as little as 8 weeks. It's a program that involves 30 seconds of sprinting followed by 90 seconds of active recovery runs. These are in the middle of a warm up and cool down and last 20 minutes. I'd recommend anyone give it a try.

+ 2 Ply, 2 mm Belt - This may not sound very thick at 2 mm but it is and it's better than the 1.6 mm in the TF30 below it. A thicker belt will last longer by taking the pounding it will get a lot better than a thin one. It will still need regular maintenance but all belts do. A regular routine will help the belt keep performing over time.

+ ViaFit Connectivity - This is another exclusive Matrix technology. There are now many fitness and workout apps that can load your progress after each workout to see how you're doing. The TF50 can do that too and you can then compare and share with friends. You can also plot any weight loss and see how you're progressing on a graph.

Matrix TF50 Treadmill Matrix TF50 Treadmill Folding


- Basic Console - When you start paying close to $3,000 for a treadmill I think you really need better than the basic XR console. The other 2 are much better and can make the TF50 do so much more. They have a bigger screen and I think you'll get the most out of the Virtual Active features. Running through a famous location is what they can do, plus you get more programs and a lot more besides.

- Very Heavy Treadmill - I always advise buyers to pay for assembly and this is even more the case with the Matrix TF50. When you pay for assembly the unit is taken to the room of your choice and set up for you. This machine is so heavy at just under 300 lbs that the additional help with transport and the expertise of professional assembly is worth the cost.


ModelMatrix TF50
Motor3.25 CHP
Running Surface20" x 60"
DisplayChoice of 3 - (XR, XER & XIR)
DimensionsL 81" x W 35" x H 62"
Max User Weight400 lbs
Workout ProgramsVaries by Console
Speed0.5 to 12.5 mph
Incline0% to 15%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Motor
Lifetime: Cushioning
7 Years: Parts
2 Years: Labor


The motor is one of the most important parts of a treadmill because if the motor is no good it doesn't matter what everything else is like. The motor here is good, it has the power to enable you to get a good run no matter how long you want that run to be. It can take long runs and interval training especially when it has a special Sprint program built in.

This TF50 is noticeably better than the TF30 model below it and this review shows why. All the features are improved upon and it's still folding. As it's foldable and if you upgrade the console you're looking at an impressive piece of equipment. These Matrix treadmills are made for the home but they still have a little of their commercial roots in them. Overall the TF50 gets 5 stars, I think it's well deserved.

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