Precor TRM 223 Treadmill: Features, Drawbacks and Specifications (2023 Updated)

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By Simon Gould

The Precor TRM 223 is a treadmill that is a step up from the previous model. They’ve really made this one an improvement by adding some essential features that make a difference. In this review I’ll go through those features below. I think they’re worth the extra cost of this TRM 223 and it’s come down in price since it was released.

The size of the running surface is what you’d expect in a mid to high end treadmill. It’s enough to give you plenty of room as you exercise. With the hand rails there too, you can be confident of your balance and stability on the TRM 223. Precor have ensured the deck matches the quality of the running surface. They’ve used high end components to ensure a build quality that will last.

The deck uses patented technology to out perform many others for stride comfort. The deck mounting system provides more cushioning to every footfall. This is not something other manufacturers can copy and is unique to Precor. All treadmills are easier to run on than outside so you can use that to your advantage. Go for a treadmill that specializes in giving you a cushioned run.

One thing I like about Precor treadmills is the workout metrics they provide you with. We all know speed and distance but you get average speed and target heart rate. The latter works with your heart rate so the TRM 223 can show you whether your running to your desired target. This is a fantastic way of improving your health and fitness because it provides you with a tough, but fulfilling run.

Features of the Precor TRM 223 Treadmill

+ Steel Rollers – These can be found on either end of the deck. Cheap treadmills have small plastic rollers that break easily. These are precision machined steel, what’s more they have belt guides to keep the belt centered. This saves the belt going off center which can happen with other machines. Overall these rollers help the belt run smoothly and quietly.

+ Multi Ply Belt – Belts can wear out quickly especially if they’re not well made. You want a belt that is made with more than one ply like this one. It also has a polyester satin weave to help it last. However much you use a treadmill it’s the belt that sees the punishment, so a good one is a must and this one is non slip too.

+ 300 lbs User Capacity – Precor advise this is the maximum weight tested on the TRM 223. This is more than enough for most people, I can’t imagine many users who weigh more than this using the treadmill but bear this in mind if you have a large friend. This treadmill is good for weight loss and is welded to be able to withstand heavy weights.

+ Heart Rate Monitoring – The TRM 223 has this won. It can read a heart rate chest strap frequency of 5 kHz, this is what Polar straps transmit at. The treadmill has what Precor call SmartRate, you enter your age and weight and the console will ensure you stay at your optimum heart rate for cardio, fat burn or peak. This will provide you with a very effective workout.

+ 2 User ID’s – These are the same as user profiles but with a different name. You enter your details like age and weight and the treadmill remembers them. Using this information it can provide accurate heart rate and calories burned calculations. It remembers your last workout and you can choose a default exercise duration.

Drawbacks of the Precor TRM 223 Treadmill

 Small Display – This TRM 223 and the model below it both suffer with the smaller LCD screens. It’s bigger for the model above but this one is only 5″. You’re paying a lot of money for this treadmill so you want the display to be easy to read and fit all the information you want. I just think it could have been bigger.

 No Custom Workouts – The TRM 223 has 9 workout programs which is enough for most. I would like to have seen, in addition to the user ID’s, is to have user programs too. These are programs you make for yourself and the treadmill stores them. They’re great if you want to repeat a course for an upcoming race for example.

Precor TRM 223 Treadmill Specifications

ModelPrecor TRM 223
Motor3.0 CHP
Running Surface20″ x 57″
DisplayHigh Contrast Blue & White LCD
DimensionsL 81″ x W 33″ x H 59″
Max User Weight300 lbs
Workout Programs9
Speed0.5 to 12 mph
Incline0% to 15%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Weldments
5 Years: Parts & Wear
3 Years: Console
1 Year: Labor

Precor TRM 223 Treadmill Review Summary

Apart from the size of the display being the same, this TRM 223 is a lot better than the previous model and it has come down in price. Precor are a reliable name in treadmills and have been for commercial facilities for year and continue for today. My gym has Precor equipment and they never go wrong. They are a bit more costly but you’re paying for that reliability.

In this review I’ve told you the drawbacks of this treadmill. They aren’t really things that should affect your choice as to whether to go for this machine. If the features are what matches with your expectations then that is more important. The choice of workout programs including 2 custom should appeal. If you think this one is right for you, you can’t go wrong with a Precor treadmill.

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