Precor TRM 243 Treadmill: Features, Drawbacks and Specifications (2023 Updated)

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By Simon Gould

The Precor TRM 243 is part of the Energy series of treadmills by Precor. These have used technology and adaptations from the commercial machines they’ve been making for years. They’re one of the leaders in equipment for gyms and facilities and have now released a line for the home. Fitness and well being are in mind for the end user.

In this review below I’ll go through it’s features and drawbacks. The motor is 3.0 CHP which is the same for all of Precor’s home treadmills. It’s enough power for anyone who wants to walk, jog and run for fitness and/or weight loss. I would have liked a bit bigger as some high end treadmills do have a higher performance. The top speed should put you at ease though as it’s 12 mph which is what’s expected.

The running surface is specially cushioned to give you a comfortable run. The width is 20″ which is good and gives you plenty of room. The length is 57″ and I usually see 60″ on high end treadmills. Again, this may not affect you at all but it’s worth noting especially for tall runners or those with long strides. When sprinting your stride length goes up significantly and the treadmill should be able to cope.

The TRM 243 is a sturdy treadmill with a user capacity of 300 lbs. This is the maximum Precor have tested and it passed. So it could take bigger but if you do weigh more you may want to try another machine. The treadmill has a lifetime warranty on the frame and weldments so it’s been made to be able to withstand big users. A welded machine is always preferable to nuts and bolts for the reason of strength.

Features of the Precor TRM 243 Treadmill

+ 23 Workout Programs – There are too many to mention them all but there are some notable inclusions. There are a selection for toning different muscles in the lower body. There is a glute toner which is the backside and the leg sculptor, I can imagine these will involve the incline quite a lot. There is a selection called “be fit” and “weight loss”.

+ Custom Workouts – I always like to see custom workouts so you can devise a routine just for you. This TRM 243 has a massive 4 custom workouts for each of the 4 user ID’s. So you can program 4 each for a total of 16. I think this is more than enough but if you like the feature then you have the option to use it to the fullest extent.

+ Workout Metrics – These are the numbers that advise you of your progress during a run and the summary afterwards. You have 27 during your run which includes graphs as well as the usual distance and speed. You have 12 summary metrics including time in heart rate zone and calories per minute. Everything you need to know about your run is there.

+ Workout Tracking – There is a Precor fitness app called Preva. This is used on commercial treadmills and on this TRM 243. You use your user ID and you can view your weekly workout statistics, it automatically uploads it for you. You need a mobile to download the app and it’s free to use. Preva boasts 51,000 users around the world.

+ Tablet Holder & USB Port – There is a special grip to hold your tablet while you’re exercising. There is even enough space above the console for your tablet to go, this means you can still read the display along with your tablet. A USB port allows you to charge your tablet and an Apple or Android phone.

Drawbacks of the Precor TRM 243 Treadmill

 1 Year Labor Warranty – I’ve mentioned this because high end treadmills will usually have 2 years. Perhaps Precor felt one year is enough. Their machines are designed to last like their commercial counterparts so I think they could have confidently had 2 years. The other aspects of the warranty is good and bodes well for the TRM 243.

 No Sound System – Or cooling fan. This is not so necessary for a treadmill in the home when you have so much of your own equipment around. The little extras you can find on some high end treadmills do make a difference to some. But perhaps it’s just more to go wrong, with a cooling fan you’ll have moving parts which can fail.

Precor TRM 243 Treadmill Specifications

ModelPrecor TRM 243
Motor3.0 CHP
Running Surface20″ x 57″
Display7-Inch 16:9 Color
DimensionsL 81″ x W 33″ x H 59″
Max User Weight300 lbs
Workout Programs23
Speed0.5 to 12 mph
Incline0% to 15%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Weldments
5 Years: Parts & Wear
3 Years: Console
1 Year: Labor

Precor TRM 243 Treadmill Review Summary

In this review you can see many positive aspects of the TRM 243 especially where the console is concerned and the workout metrics. What does concern me in a negative way is the cost. Precor treadmills are not cheap whether they’re for the home or facilities. The same is true for this one, you do get a lot for your money but it’s the initial outlay that may frighten.

As I said above I think the customized workouts are the most impressive feature. To have 4 for each user is extravagant. Think of what you could do with those 4. You could copy a race routine, build yourself an incline interval routine and that’s only 2 so far. Precor trade on the reliability of their name and reviews on the web back up that status for the TRM 243. So if the cost is ok with you, then the treadmill is too.

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