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Precor TRM 445 Treadmill Review

Precor TRM 445 TreadmillPrecor TRM 445 Treadmill
Rating : 5
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The Precor TRM 445 is the flagship treadmill by Precor. It represents all their latest technology and the best they can offer. For that reason it's their most expensive, but is it worth the money? In this review I'll go through the features and the drawbacks to help you decide if the TRM 445 is the right treadmill for you.

Precor have been making advanced treadmills for commercial facilities and gyms for many years and it's only recently they've gone for the home market. They've used many commercial features on these treadmills and that rings true for this one. The console is their best and the machine has a decline as well as an incline. What most impresses me is the parts and wear 10 year warranty.

Precor TRM 445 Treadmill Console

The motor is the only bone of contention, it's 3.0 CHP and while that is good, I would have liked a little bit higher. Precor have a reputation for making long lasting treadmills and I believe a better motor would have helped. But still in this review I've given the TRM 445 5 stars and it deserves it. It ranks high for good reason and I'll explain why.

Being their best the TRM 445 benefits from the widest running surface that Precor make at 22". It also has the decline which is liked by many users and helps give you a big variety when you exercise. The console is very good and provides 23 workout programs and 27 workout metrics to give you everything you need to know as you workout. Precor have included a heart rate chest strap.


+ Workout Metrics - There are 27 metrics available as you exercise and 12 available after as a summary. I think these are fantastic. The thing I want to know most is how I'm doing during a run and how I've done afterwards and this provides it. I love to see the summary stats increase as my workouts and my fitness do too.

+ Preva Workout Tracking - Precor have a popular workout tracking app that you can use to see how you're progressing in your exercise over time. This is uploaded automatically with the TRM 445 and enables you to see your progress in graphs over time. There are many users of this app because it's available for people who use Precor commercial treadmills in facilities and gyms.

+ 1 Inch Deck Thickness - The thicker the deck the better. In some cheaper treadmills you see 0.5" and some don't even say what the thickness is. The TRM 445 has a good thickness and what's more it's reversible. It's designed to last for a long time and to give you good cushioning as you run. Not many treadmills can offer this.

+ iPod & iPhone Compatibility - Unfortunately there are no speakers built in but you can control your Apple devices as you workout. You have full audio control and you can charge it as well as other devices as there is a USB port. This convenience is unique among treadmills and found on this Precor.

+ Those Little Extras - While it may not have all that I would want the TRM 445 does have little things that I like. You can charge your Android phone here as well as Apple. You can choose to have your workout shown in miles or kilometers. You can hold a tablet in place for you to use while exercising and there's much more.

+ Ground Effects Impact System - This is patented technology taken from Precor's commercial treadmills. They have placed extra cushioning force at the front of the deck and firm push off technology at the back. This helps you as you run to prevent the impact affecting your joints and your stride improves as you push off.

Precor TRM 445 Treadmill Precor TRM 445 Treadmill


- 56" Running Surface - This is the length of the running surface and while it should be perfectly ok for most users you do get longer on some other high end treadmills. It's just if you need to do an interval workout and you're very tall and this involves sprinting, you may prefer a longer deck. For most other users, you'll be fine.

- Not Enough Decline - I could say this about any treadmill I've reviewed, there is never much decline. The TRM 445 is only -2% which is small, it doesn't replicate some declines you see on running courses. It's very difficult for treadmills to have a decline in their equipment, but it still makes the decline they do have not enough in my opinion.


ModelPrecor TRM 445
Motor3.0 CHP
Running Surface22" x 56"
Display7-Inch 16:9 Color LCD
DimensionsL 79" x W 34" x H 59"
Max User Weight350 lbs
Workout Programs23
Speed0.5 to 12 mph
Incline-2% to 15%
WarrantyLifetime: Frame & Weldments
10 Years: Parts & Wear
3 Years: Console
1 Year: Labor


I feel like I've criticized this treadmill so much but I do believe it's the best Precor have to offer. It has their best console and the decline that so few treadmills have. Being their flagship treadmill it is their most expensive but you pay for what you get. And with a 10 years parts warranty you're paying for durability.

When I review a piece of equipment, I don't think of the price so much because it is so worth it to get a good product. This is especially the case with fitness equipment where it can last for many years. This is why I've given the TRM 445 a high score. I take my running seriously and if you go for this treadmill you would take it seriously too.

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