Quietest Treadmills For Working Out in Peace

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By Simon Gould

Quietness and treadmills are not something that usually go together. If you’ve used a treadmill in a gym or at home they do make a big noise. The act of running on a deck is a vigorous movement and one that generates noise. The deck needs to be springy and so the act of pushing back on your feet with every stride is an additional noise.

How to reduce treadmill noise

Before I tell you which treadmills are the quietest, there are many things you can do to reduce treadmill noise. I would advise you do these on top of getting a quiet treadmill. The best is getting a treadmill mat, as well as making things quieter the vibrations that go through the home when a treadmill is in use, are a lot less.

Another way to reduce treadmill noise is to regularly maintain it. The part about lubricating your treadmill is especially important because once a treadmill starts squeaking, that creates a lot of annoying noise. The location in the room can make a difference. Have it more in the middle if you can, to avoid vibrations resonating through the home.

The types of treadmills which are quiet

There are a few types of treadmills and they have different noise levels. All will create a noise as is the case with all treadmills. First you have manual treadmills. These are designed really for walkers and you power the belt round. There is still some noise but they’re quieter than electric treadmills because there is no motor.

Electric treadmills are the loudest, they are also the most common. They’re cheap enough for most homes and you’re able to run on them quite fast, as well as walk and jog. They’re more expensive than manual treadmills and electric ones come with many features. They can last many years, up to 10 to 12, which represents a good investment in fitness.

Curved treadmills are the quietest

There is one type of treadmill left and these are the quietest. They are a relatively new invention and they are called curved treadmills. They are like manual treadmills because they don’t have a motor. They are powered by the runner and you are capable of running fast speeds on these should you want to.

The decks are actually curved and create minimal noise when you run on them. Many gyms are now buying these technologically advanced treadmills. The only problem for the home user is that they are very expensive at the moment. This often happens with new technology and I hope the prices go down in future.

1. Technogym Skillmill Connect Treadmill

The Technogym Skillmill Connect is a very advanced curved treadmill that has many new technologies. You even have magnetic resistance to help you strengthen your legs, if you’re the sprinter type.

At the time of writing these are available for $9,740 each. You must click through and investigate a truly feature rich and, by it’s very nature, quiet treadmill. If I had the money, this one is for me.

2. Woodway Curve Treadmill

The Woodway Curve is arguably one of the first curved treadmills invented and on the market. They say the deck is frictionless which allows a smooth movement. I say frictionless also means far less noise.

The price isn’t even shown anymore although it was less than $10,000. If you need a quiet treadmill and money is not a concern, then here you are.


I see a lot of websites saying that certain electric treadmills are the quietest. That’s simply not true. The only way you can make an electric treadmill quieter is the things you can do around it. Like have a treadmill mat and regularly maintain it. If you want true quietness then the curved treadmills are the way to go.

If sound is an ultimate problem then you may even want to consider using a treadmill in a gym. There are advantages to this while the traveling is the disadvantage. The amenities are right there and you can stop when you feel like it, unlike running outside. However, these curved treadmills do look good and, reputedly, last a very long time.

Thinking of buying a treadmill? Here’s my favorite, I always recommend it when asked.

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